Betting Apps vs. Betting Shop – Why Mobile Betting Is Better

Betting Apps vs. Betting Shop - Why Mobile Betting Is Better
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According to betting news in Thailand, when it comes to sports gambling, there are two scenarios, including betting in person at local shops or on mobile. Although mobile is the most popular form of wagering today, shops were the most accessible for a long time.

Mobile vs. In-Person

Prior to the advent of mobile phones, sportsbooks were the most popular method to gamble on a number of professional competitions. A key advantage included the fact that winners were able to receive their winnings right away. Yet, in-person betting is considered obsolete today, as mobile betting has taken the world by storm as the most convenient and accessible option.

Unfortunately, however, if you win a bet on a mobile device, you won’t receive it right away. This is because most sportsbooks set a minimum amount that must be withdrawn in order to do so. For certain individuals, this means being unable to retrieve money until having several wins under the belt.

Even though shops allow instant access to earnings, the player must provide documentation before the money is given to them. This typically only applies the first time you try to claim the money.

Furthermore, sportsbooks that are in-person require your presence when placing bets. With such a severe disadvantage to betting on mobile, you are limited to the odds at the exact time of presence.

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Why People Favor Mobile Betting

The overwhelming majority of players favor betting on mobile devices instead of shops, for the simple fact that you can bet anywhere, on any game, at any time. This presents the ultimate freedom that could never be found in person.

When signing up for a mobile betting app or site, you’ll often be directly rewarded for doing so. New members will typically receive a free match or bet on their initial deposit. Such benefits can allow you a more successful wagering experience.

Ongoing promotions and bonuses are offered on the majority of mobile sports betting apps. You may even receive a bonus on a birthday or the anniversary of the first day you joined. Mobile perks help take your money further.

However, money isn’t the single reason why it’s preferred to bet on mobile. In fact, it is far more secure than shops. Transactions are always protected with sophisticated encryption to guarantee that no third party can access your financial and personal information. Lastly, some mobile betting apps now accept digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. These transactions are anonymous and also very safe.

While many betting apps now offer the ability to stream sporting events in real-time, it’s even easy to place bets right in the middle of a game. You don’t have to wait for others to place bets like you would in a local shop.

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Although shops still exist, they are now few and far between. Mobile betting apps are now readily available to download on tablets or phones for free, with the ability to take your bets anywhere you go.

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