How Technology Changes the Fashion Industry

How Technology Changes the Fashion Industry
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The digital age has had quite an impact on how we browse, view, and purchase fashion these days. The advent of various Smartphone apps like Instagram and the introduction of 3D printing technology has changed the way customer see fashion. Fashion and technology have become interconnected now and the latter has started to shape fashion for the betterment of customers.

This is the ideal time for students to get a degree that will lead them to such a position where they will have the opportunity to mold and shape an industry’s future. Let’s discuss some of the best technologies developed through Top Fashion Collaborations that have changed the way we look at fashion and also the related career opportunities that you can expect from that position.

1. 3D Printing

The days of hand-sewing by crafted designers are long gone. At least, that’s what Francis Bitonti, the renowned designer thinks. His recent collaboration MakerBot and Shapeways produced three beautiful dresses that had 3D prints. The Swarovski Gown, Verlan Dress, and Bristle Dress were worn by some of the reputed models in popular fashion shows. And, all these dresses were 3D printed.

As per what Mashable has reported, Bitonti believes that 3D printing appeals to two different users: one, that is made for the masses. These are made with relatively simple materials and any customer who has a 3D printer will be able to replicate the design. The second category consist of the luxury users where the print quality is high and the materials used are rare to create that big budget appeal.

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The use of 3D printers is expected to rise by 20% in American by the year 2020. Things like utensils, bowls, and even phones and generators will have 3D prints on them. The predictions also say that American shoppers will not have to wait for the delivery from online stores but they will be able to print their desired designs right at the time when they buy them.

2. Wearable tech

Wearable fashion items have also become associated with technology these days. FitBit has partnered with top fashion brands so that they can make their designs aesthetically pleasing and also transform the brand into a stylish jewelry. There was a time when people wore bulky arm pieces but with wearable techs, it has become the preferred choice of customers so that it would complement their favorite dress or outfit.

The concept of wearable tech first started with the smartwatch design back in the 80s. But, it was not a successful venture. Even Nikes Nike+ FuelBand that released in 2012 did not have a great reception. However, it has now launched a wide range of wearable techs for different parts of the body like ankle bracelets, shoes, glasses, necklaces, and wristbands. The task of combing an attractive design and functionality was not easy. Even out-of-the-box designs pose the question as to what would appeal to the customers and how the design can be made unisex and where the wearable tech will be placed.

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The chief executive of FitBits, Mr. James Park told The New York Times that the Wrist is both good and bad. The plus side is, once a user puts a wearable device or a band on the wrist, you may or may not take it off. But, apart from that, it becomes difficult to track stuff like steps taken, motion, and calories burned.

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