Top Skills to Look For When Hiring Content Marketers

Top Skills to Look For When Hiring Content Marketers
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Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that blogging got popular only after 2000. It is only now that businesses have realized its importance and have started to make the most out of it. Today, content marketing has evolved as a major method to grab more audiences and expand the horizon of any business. Today, B2B marketers will happily spend around 40% of their total budget on content marketing.

So now that content marketing has become a rage across the globe, businesses are paying social media profiles to get more readers. However, the only obstacle that the industry is facing is to find the right people for creating engaging content. So if you want to look for a content marketer for your firm, you need to look for the following skill set:

The Ability to Write Without Grammatical Mistakes

This is nothing new to the world. A content marketer should know the different aspects of writing. Secondly, they should also show some additional skills, such as keyword researching and stuffing it organically in the article. More than this, it is important for the content marketer to write engaging content without any grammatical errors. Unfortunately, around 26% of the fresh graduates have a lot of mistakes in their writing, which is why they don’t qualify for this job. So if you want to help your business thrive, you have to look for people who can bring something engaging in it through their words.

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Knowledge with Numbers

No, you got that wrong! Content writers don’t have to be pro with mathematics. Instead, they should know how to make the most out of stats and the available data. For example, if a content writer has to jot down an interesting story of any firm, he/she should have the ability to create the data driven post in a way that it becomes more shareable on social media. Secondly, they need to have a “can-do” attitude and be willing to take up different challenges at work. To judge this, you can consider behavioural profiling with Performance by Design right now.

Strong Research Skills

A content marketer can never thrive at his/her job unless they don’t have strong research skills. Secondly, if you want to employ a journalist in the firm, it will be a good decision as well. This is because a journalist has incredible research skills and will provide verified claims from the perfect resources. In contrast, hiring somebody who doesn’t have research skills will be equal to sabotaging the reputation of your own business.

Project Management Skills

Today, content marketers have to perform more than just creating engaging blog posts. Writing down sound content is easy but keeping a track of how it performs is tough. However, the professional content markets know how to meet deadlines and manage a project when they have to. You can sift through the experience of a content marketer and see how they have performed during their tenure. This way, you can rest assured about the management skills of a person who is being acknowledged by the company.

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