Top 3 Vastu Tips For Your Home

Main Entrance
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Building a beautiful house with the help of an expert architect and the best builder will not make it a home. For a house to become home, you should bring all the blessings of natural energy and power. Building positive energy in your house is what that makes it a home. The proper collaborations of rooms from the entry point to exit point according to the Vastu Shastra helps to radiate the right kind of energy within the home. The villas in Palakkad which are constructed with Vastu rules is a good example. Here we discuss the top 5 Vastu Shastra tips that you can bring balance to your home and for those who live in it.

1)Main Entrance:

Main EntranceThe main entrance door is one that directly feels the effect of directions. The main door is the entrance for not only the human beings in the house nut for the energy for outside. You need to special care in deciding the direction of your main door. Always try to place the main door in the north, east or in the north-east direction. If you are able to place the door in the North-East direction then it will help you to allow morning sun fresh light and air to enter the home.

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Always try to avoid painting the door in black and placing structures like an animal head near the main door. Because this will cause the flow more negative energy into the home.

If you are able to make the opening direction of the door in a clockwise manner it will also be a positive signal. I there are any steps before the main door, try to make the no of steps odd.

Here are some more Vastu tips for your main entrance:

  • Adding a good nameplate n the door is auspicious
  • Make the main door large enough
  • Use best quality wood like teak
  • Make the main door noise free while opening
  • Using good lighting at the entrance door can bring in positive vibes
  • Make the total number of doors in the house and even no.

2)Living Room:

livingRoomThe living room is an important area of the house where most of the activity is done. It is in the living room that the guests are entering. Follow the following tips to make the living room clutter free.

  • East or North is the best location for living room
  • The south-east corner is the best location to place the Television
  • Avoid placing garbage or dust bin in the living room
  • Portrait emitting negative energy should be avoided in the living room.
  • Whit or light yellow is the best color to use in the living room.
  • Using artificial or dried flowers can attract misfortune, try avoiding them.
  • Keeping an aquarium in  the east is adviced
  • Avoid colors emitting negative energy like red or black in the living room 
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bedRoomBedroom the most important part of your home which can directly influence your life. If you are having problems sleeping and in even in your love life you should definitely check for problems in bedroom Vastu.  Rearranging your bedroom and applying some Vastu tips can make many changes to the problems in your personal life.

  • Never store any clutter in your bedroom, remove any waste ar garbage immediately without storing it for long.
  • Avoid placing your mirror facing the bed. The negative energy that you release will be reflected back from the mirror.
  • Avoid placing Tv screens or computer screens near the bed which can emit radiation.
  • Always use colors that can brighten the room and your mood.
  • Keep the attached toilet door closed always.

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