Decorative Protectors of Feet!

Decorative Protectors of Feet!
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When you meet a person, your eyes involuntarily go to their feet, to see what kind of shoes they are wearing. As they say, a person’s stature is reflected by their shoes. Depending on what they are wearing, how they are wearing it, and in what condition the shoes are, you can tell about the person of their status and responsibility. If you ask me, I love shoes, if I could, I would fill my whole house with brand new bedazzling shoes.

If you are going to a party or a celebration or basically anywhere, you need to wear shoes that perfectly fit your outfit, that is of the present trend, that suits you, and finally, and most importantly, are of great design. The fashion designers have created a few designs, which have become so popular in the present generation that everyone is buying them. Let us now take a look at what the present trend in shoes is and you can easily buy them using Jabong Coupon Code.

  • Feathers: Now, everyone loves feathers, they are beautiful, light in weight and insanely soft. Nowadays feathers are being used in everything, pillows, quilts, dresses, purses etc., and that made the fashion designers think, why not add feathers to shoes, and they did it. So, now these feathered shoes are taking the market by surprise. Feathered sneakers, feathered stilettos, feathered platforms, you name it. Add a feather to any model of shoes and they will make your feet look lovely and insanely attractive.
  • Platforms: Everyone has got something to say about the height of a short person. To stop those comments, heels are created, but not all can walk comfortably in those thin heals, and there also lies a little bit of worry that they might break. Giving a solution to this problem, the fashion designers have come up with an idea of platforms. With the help of these platforms, the girls can walk worry free and comfortably, towering over the world. Adding to the advantages, these platforms can also make a woman look so beautiful, gracious and smoking hot!
  • Toe-thongs: As the saying goes, old is gold and baby! It definitely is. Proving this point, the toe- thong style has made an amazing comeback and with a slight update, toe-thong sandals. Even saying toe-thong sandal feels good, imagine wearing it. Thanks to the style, you can go to watery places without fearing that the footwear might slip from your feet, and unlike toe-thong slippers, there will be no splash backs when you walk in muddy places. Coming to the sleek design, this sandal can go with any kind of dress and can be worn on any occasion, making it flexible, and useful.
  • Seasonless boots: Everyone loves boots, men and women alike, everyone loves to wear them. I don’t know about men but boots look absolutely lovely on women. But, the problem is, the boots need to be changed based on weather, seasons, places, and various other reasons, it is quite a headache to go shopping for all those boots, and also a waste of money. To solve that problem, the fashion designers came up with seasonless boots. You can wear these boots all year long with no care about the changes. Additionally, the design of these boots also makes them go with anything and on any person.
  • Square toe: The most common problem a woman faces while wearing shoes with heals is the pressure that is being applied on her toes. Due to pointy ends of the shoes, the toes get crammed in such a small place, crushing every toe from every direction. Some fashion designers considered the comfort of women and did an experiment in creating square-toed shoes. The thing they didn’t imagine is the amount of hit these shoes would become. Stealing hearts of every fashion and comfort seeking women, these square-toed shoes are taking the market by surprise and in no time reached the top in the market.
  • Barely-there: Everyone knows how uncomfortable shoes are in summer. Everyone wants to let their feet breath but they won’t because removing and wearing shoes over and over is too much work. To satisfy these demands and also the wishes of women who love to show the beauty of their feet and the ornaments worn on feet, the fashion designers introduced barely-there sandals. Creating beautiful footwear with minimum material, these fashion designers have given the women a chance to show their beautiful feet. Also, you can buy this style of shoes using Myntra Promo Codes. These sandals instead of being beautiful, they add to the beauty of the feet and make them absolutely lovely, and totally comfortable.
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