5 Things that can Help Maintain your Split AC

5 Things that can Help Maintain your Split AC
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Considering a split AC for your home is more convenient than the traditional systems. However, its maintenance is all the more difficult. It is because a split AC is divided into two parts, that is the external unit and the internal unit.

With this particular article, you will be able to identify five things that can help you maintain your split AC. This will also result in an increased lifespan for your cooling system. Moreover, these split AC maintenance tips will make sure that you do not incur additional charges regularly. Read on!

1. Clean outside unit

The outside unit is one of the two parts of a split AC. It needs to be cleaned regularly so that it does not get piled under dirt. This is important because if the outside unit is drenched in the dirt, then it can affect the efficiency of your split AC overall.

2. More open space

The second tip that we would like to share with you when it comes to split AC maintenance is regarding the space surrounding your outdoor unit. Traditional ACs requires an unobstructed space to function properly. Even though the split AC requires a lesser amount is space, it still needs to be free of debris and any other obstructive material.

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3. Switching off the system

While you are not using your air conditioner, make sure that you switch it off. This will allow the device to cool down completely, and will not put additional strain on it.

4. Cleaning filters

Filters are the most important part of a split AC. Therefore, cleaning them regularly is crucial. It is because these filters get filled up with dust and bacteria quite often. It can also give rise to breathing problems if not cleaned at regular intervals.

5. Condenser and coil

Areas, where dust and debris can easily get collected in a split AC, are the condenser and coil. If the AC is used without getting these parts cleaned, then they can cause some serious damage to the system.

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