The Best-Ever YouTube to 3GP Converter

The Best-Ever YouTube to 3GP Converter
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On a regular basis, the vast majority of users download YouTube videos for offline viewing; however, the MP4 format is not compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. As you hope to download your YouTube videos for your cell phone, the 3GP file arrange offers you the most obvious opportunity to keep up the nature of your most loved recollections over the long haul. Downloading YouTube to 3GP configuration considers easier playback on your convenient gadgets, and the quality of the 3GP file remains the same no matter if you’re downloading a ten second clip of a kitty dancing to a song or a three-hour movie! Consequently, in order to watch your preferred videos on the go, you’ll need a YouTube to 3GP converter. Now, this article will show you how to convert YouTube video to 3GP format.

To be of assistance to you, we have prepared a detailed guide that walks you through the process of converting YouTube videos to 3GP format along with a recommendation of the best YouTube to 3GP converter.

  • The Best YouTube to 3GP Converter — YTBvideoly

YTBvideoly is widely regarded as the best YouTube to 3GP converter available, since it is capable of satisfactorily meeting the converting requirements of a large number of users. Using YTBvideoly, users are able to convert YouTube videos to numerous different video and audio formats, including 3GP, WEBM, and more. Users have full control over the conversion process thanks to the program’s output format and quality options. Also, the program’s cutting-edge encoding and decoding technology guarantees a lossless conversion at an accelerated speed. The software provides an additional convenience in the form of batch conversion, which saves users both time and effort. Because it has all of these functions, YTBvideoly, this YouTube to 3GP converter is the best option for users of any device.

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  • Free of Charge
  • No Malicious Ads
  • Lightning-fast Download Speed
  • User-friendly Interface
  • No Restrictions
  • High-Definition Quality
  • Full Encryption

  • How to Convert YouTube to 3GP on PC/Mac

Using YTBvideoly, you can convert YouTube videos to 3GP format effortlessly within seconds, here is the step-by-step guide for you:

  • Step 1: Go to the website of YouTube, find the YouTube video you want to watch offline, then copy the URL from the address bar of your browser.
  • Step 2: Launch the YTBvideoly website, then on the top of the website, choose the “YouTube to 3GP” navigation bar. After that, select 3GP as the format for the video that you want to download, if you want to save it in high definition, choose 1080P as the quality of the 3GP video.
  • Step 3: After choosing the format and quality you want to use from the drop-down box under preferences, click the “Download” button, and the video will begin downloading on its own.
  • Step 4: When the process of downloading your video is complete, you will be able to locate the video in your computer’s library.
  • How to Convert YouTube to 3GP on Mobile Devices

The process of converting YouTube to 3GP on mobile devices is functionally equivalent to that of doing so on a PC. The steps are a little different, but generally the same:

  • Step 1: Open the YouTube app, tap the sharing icon next to the video you want to convert and select “Copy Link”.
  • Step 2: Copy and paste the URL in the search bar of YTBvideoly, choose the file type you want to convert (3GP) and which resolution you want to convert to (720p, 1080p, 2k, or 4k). You can also choose to use the video’s default settings.
  • Step 3: To begin the conversion, click the button labeled “Download”.
  • Step 4: This may take a few seconds to complete. After the video conversion process is finished, you will be able to download the file that has been altered.
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In a nutshell, YTBvideoly is the best online converter that offer versatile features to convert YouTube to 3GP. People need it for its quick and efficient features, which allows them to watch YouTube videos offline on their phones or tablets. YouTube to 3GP conversion is not hard, all it takes is to use the right tool– YTBvideoly and the rest is just a cake walk.

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