A Smart App to Protect your Company Secrets & Monitor Staff

A Smart App to Protect your Company Secrets & Monitor Staff
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Employee monitoring and data management software have been employed by entrepreneurs to streamline business operations. These business management software applications enable employers to keep their workers from unproductive and malicious activities. Also, they provide secure online storage to protect confidential and sensitive business data and secrets. However, the selection of appropriate employee monitoring and data storage application is the key.

There are numerous options regarding the selection of business management and monitoring apps. Every app and software differs in features, price, and functionality. Unwisely selected software can merely put the financial burden on your business without providing the desired outcomes. To facilitate employers in picking up the best app for employee monitoring and data storage, we have reviewed several top-notch business management apps and found the smartest app rightly available.

Read on to know how OgyMogy computer and cell phone tracker app facilitates employers in protecting the company secrets and keeping the workers under surveillance.

OgyMogy – A Smart Tracking App for Businesses

The tracking application is intended for employers to keep track of their workers’ mobile phones and computer devices. The app enables the end-user to remotely and secretly monitor every activity performed on the company-owned mobile and computer devices.

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For example, you can monitor mobile phone conversations, emails, media files, internet usage and all online and offline activities performed on monitored devices. Also, the app provides secure online storage for sensitive company information. It automatically creates an online backup of contacts, photos, videos, messages, phone calls, emails, and similar stuff.

How to Protect Company Data and Monitor Staff with Tracker App

The most feasible way to protect company data is to monitor the company device through which this data is transmitted or received. For example, if you have stored the contact information of your clients and potential customers on your company laptops, you are needed to monitor the usage of those laptops. It must be in your knowledge what sort of information is being exchanged via those devices and what type of activities are being performed on it.

The mobile tracker app does not only let you monitor your devices for data protection but it also allows tracking your workers’ activities within and beyond the workstation. You can get your workers’ mobile phone devices and computer device installed with a tracking app to remotely witness all activities performed on these devices.

How the Smart Business Management App Works

Once you install the tracking app on the supported computer or mobile phone device, you can monitor and control that device via online control panel of the tracker app. Sign into the online control panel through any mobile phone or computer and start controlling the monitored device without taking it into physical access. The data which is synced from the monitored devices by the tracking app get also uploaded to this online portal. This remains available on the online platform even after deletion from the primary device. In this way, this application lets you access the important company data from anywhere and anytime.

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Core features of Employee Monitoring App

The software for business management and employee monitoring offers tracking text messages, phone calls, emails, contacts, photos, videos and voice recordings received and sent via monitored mobile phone. It allows tracking activities performed on commonly used social media and instant messaging apps including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Line, Tinder, Telegram, Tumblr, Yahoo messenger, IMO, Kik and Hike.

The employers can supervise the online and offline chats of their workers to prevent them from gossips, online harassments, unproductive activities and unauthorized transfer of company information. Also, it lets them supervise the conversations between customer care team and current and potential customers.

Moreover, the app lets you track the internet usage of your workers to prevent them from unproductive activities. You can closely watch out the online accounts of your staff by getting access to keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the monitored cell phone or computer. These keystrokes let you access passwords, usernames and other confidential credentials. That is not all! There is more you can do using the computer and mobile tracker app which you can know about here.

Compatible Devices

The business management and employee monitoring software is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers and laptop computers of most commonly used brands including Samsung, LG, Haier, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Dell, Acer and HP among others. The mobile tracker app supports Android mobile phones and tablets running Android OS 5+. The computer monitoring solution is compatible with Windows and Mac computers running Windows OS 7+ and macOS 10.5+.

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