What Is Broken Link Building and How to Use It for Your Website

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Running a business these days is more competitive than it was decades ago. With the world booming with technology and digital marketing techniques, the business is in a bottleneck competition. Many companies running fine on their physical existence now feel it necessary to have an online presence. When we talk about the online presence, it refers to opening a website and having a good lead and traffic conversion to boost your rankings. The more visitors you get on the website, the higher you will rank up in the search engine. Many people rely on the suggestions or websites that appear on the first page of their Google search. These pages appearing on the first page have battled a fair fight of ranking to get this far.

When we visit a website or read a blog, we notice many words hyperlinked with another link to a website. To ensure the strength of their online existence, many companies opt for link building. Link building is a simple tactic of gathering backlinks of other websites to yours. These links serve as a signal to Google that your website is an authentic source and not spam. You can find various link building strategies; one out of many is, broken link building.


The term broken link building is also known as a dead link building that involves backlinks through 404 pages with a working link to the target site. It is among many white hats, effective, and scalable link building strategies where a marketer may contact a webmaster for broken links to use on their website. It appears appealing because your campaign’s success is directly proportional to the efforts you make for your website. You can avail of the benefits from these broken links if you produce good content to replace the abandoned and lost ones that many webmasters may want to connect.

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The following are the tips and tricks revealing how you can benefit from these broken links.


Broken links appear when the content that was once live on a website is no longer available. There are many ways to sort out dead links or broken links. One of the methods is to look for the pages is through keywords. The keyword target method is the most common and the most straight forward approach for link building. All you need is to explore the keywords relevant to your interest and list all the pages containing them. The second step involves finding the pages that are no longer functional and paving your way to grab the opportunity. A successful broken link building relies on the keywords used. While searching for the keywords, ensure that your search involves keywords relevant to you or offers a broad category. Finding keywords may also need phrases that you can link with them. Extract all the possible links that can provide you the 404 links that are your target search.


After finding all the 404s, your next task is to identify the ones serving as a potential target. The more pages you find referring to 404, the more chances or opportunities you have for link replacement. You can approach these links to replace the broken link with yours. You can use different tools to assess the backlinks and save your time to find every page’s relevance with yours. Keep an eye on those with more links and ignore the ones with few.

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No matter how many 404 or dead links you have found, your link building strategy’s success relies on the site or URL you will choose. While choosing the perfect site or URL, ensure that it is non-commercial. Look for the site that authoritative. By mistake, if you picked up the site you extracted while looking for 404s, placing your link on it will waste time and effort. While checking for the authoritative and non-commercial URL, do not forget to double-check its relevance with your site. Backlinking a cosmetic site with a furniture one will take the visitors away instead of attracting more traffic. The authoritative site also plays a significant role in fitting the criteria of Google E.A.T.


By now, you have selected the keywords, picked a relevant site, but you might not have the contact details for the site. One of the ways to outreach the dead link is by crafting outreach emails. To find the site’s contact details, look for the author’s bio pages, contact us, or even about us pages. These pages often mention the contact details of webmasters or site owners. You may not find the email addresses, but you can list them as your potential outreach targets. You can also utilize tools to help you find the contact details or opt for search operators to slim down your search and find your desired contact detail.

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Once you have all the potential links insight that you can contact for link replacement, your email to them will be the last nail in the coffin. Remember that link building through broken links is common, and almost everyone opts for it. When crafting your email to contact the site, write your email, you can act as the user who happened to be on the broken link. You can also write telling that mix in your link as a valuable or relatable source, or offer them help first by providing a replacement for the dead link. You can also convince them by promising a good quality of content or adding quality to the content, leading to the previous content’s abandonment. The more you appear trustworthy and transparent in your email, the higher are the chances of getting a replacement.


Link building is an effective strategy to enhance the authentication of your online existence. If you have a website, the next thing that you should worry about is your ranking. The ranking plays a significant role in traffic conversion and making you look more trustworthy. None of us bother to visit the second and third pages upon a Google search. Often we come across pages that give us a 404 message, and we never return to the same page. A survey says that 88% of visitors do not revisit the same page after and experience. As a person looking for link building strategies, you can use these 404 pages to benefit and turn them into opportunities to generate more traffic and enhance conversion rates.

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