Secrets of Optimization for Photographers: How To Spend Less Time, but Earn More Money

Secrets of Optimization for Photographers
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Contrary to popular belief, photography is not only about creativity. It is also about diligence, the ability to think logically in order to systematize the process, as well as the ability to allocate time competently for one or another process. Is it possible to make it so that the time to work took less time, but the number of clients did not decrease, as well as earnings? You can, and we’ll tell you how.

Use the help of third-party services

It’s not only about special programs for processing, but also about platforms where you can outsource your work. In this way, you will give your work to other specialists, in other words – delegate part of the duties to another person. You can do this on a platform like Retouchme Pro. It is enough to simply choose a package of services, which includes all the processing elements you need, and send a photo. Using the service, you can do both basic processing and detailed retouching.

Many photographers worry that other retouchers will do the work poorly or that it will be out of their style. However, by using this service, you don’t have to worry about that. There work real retouchers who know their business well and will take into account your wishes when processing. In addition, on the site you can evaluate the results of retouching before and after to understand what photos will turn out to be in the end. This will untie your hands and significantly save time that you could have spent on routine processes.


In addition, use the batch processing functionality. It is provided in such programs as Adobe Lightroom or Capture One, for example. Processing always starts the same way, and most photos initially go through the same processes. That’s why they can be sped up and automated as much as possible with such a feature.

Plan the process carefully

Follow the following rules to make your work easier:

  • Think through the concept and composition of the photo shoot together with the client in advance. This will help you save time at the shooting location.
  • Check and prepare your equipment in advance, including camera, lenses, batteries and memory cards.
  • Create a list of necessary props and accessories to avoid unnecessary interruptions during the shoot.
  • Experiment with camera presets to reduce time spent on post-processing.

This way, you’ll save yourself at least an hour per shoot, and combined with the previous tip, it will allow you to spend your free time on creative endeavors rather than on a mechanical and repetitive process.

Come up with a file organization that you are comfortable with

This is essential for finding the files you need more quickly and efficiently. Think about your own folder hierarchy, as well as the keywords you will use to categorize all the files that exist on your PC.

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This will also affect the way you feel while working, as it will help you to concentrate and make your workspace cleaner.

All of this will combine to give you a more enjoyable and organized processing experience. At some point in your development, it is important to learn how to delegate responsibilities, so outsourcing some of your work is an important step in shaping a more successful career.

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