Logo for IT-company

Logo for IT-company
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In our modern time, IT companies are in great demand, respectively, competition in this direction is also growing every day. For such a dynamically developing sphere, where there is constant development and creativity, it is necessary to create a logo that will catch the eye of a future client from hundreds of other similar companies. A well-thought-out logo design can easily increase the productivity of an IT company, attract good specialists and increase the income of your business. We will tell you about all the subtleties of self-development of a logo to create a working visual part of the company.

How to make a logo for an IT company?

An IT company is certainly a complex activity that requires a lot of experience in such areas as: development of websites or programs, improvement of ready-made computer projects, designer services and much more. It is important to decide on the main idea in the logo design, and try to display your uniqueness:

1. Identify for yourself all the goals of the company, its services and principles. If you understand that your business behaves more confidently in the design direction, then in the process of logo development this side can be effectively highlighted. With its unique idea, which the client can easily recognize, it is possible to attract high attention to the business.

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2. Achieve the perfect color scheme. Many people know how you can change the mood and perception of people due to the colors in the logo. Any colors are suitable for such creative activity, the main thing is to apply them correctly and not to overdo it. Basically, two or three colors are used, which will cause a sense of reliability and professionalism. Shades of green, blue and black will be associated with reliability, and the addition of red, yellow or purple will show the client about a positive mood and originality.

3. Tell us about your subtleties through the font style. Serif letters perfectly attract and hold attention, and non-standard font variants with different letter sizes can highlight the company’s originality and creativity. Most often, IT companies choose strict fonts that are easy to read and convey the rigor of the company.

4. Decide on the style of the logo. IT companies are increasingly choosing minimalism, combining an icon and text. Such a combined style will help to tell a lot more about the company than the style in which only the inscription is used.

5. Don’t copy your competitors’ ideas! Be sure to compare your final version with other similar firms, because the slightest detail that will be similar to a competitor will affect your reputation.

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At first glance, it will seem to many that to create the perfect logo you will need deep design knowledge and a waste of free time, but this is not the case. The Turbologo generator will help with such a creative task. The service provides a huge number of stylish and modern options for your IT business, and will reduce the time in creating the most important element of the company.


A well-designed logo will help not only in the visual assessment of the company, but also affect the development of the business. In the IT sphere, the main thing is to reveal your individuality, at first glance to inspire confidence and show your strength. Do not start from template options, because the logo is the personification of your company, which seeks to highlight all your capabilities!

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