22 Best Putlocker Alternative Websites in 2022 [100% Working] New Sites

22 Best Putlocker Alternative Websites in 2021 [100% Working]
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Today we will cover the best Putlocker alternative websites to watch your favorite movies and Tv Shows in 2021 for free with no sign-up required or credit card.

About Putlockers Official Website

Putlocker was one of the very popular online broadcast sites. Many streaming sites come with a subscription fee, but Putlocker offers free content online. This site was especially preferred by fans of films and television programs. It contained a huge base of user visits, which amounted to more than one million visits daily. It is a site free of malware. Putlocker was closed and banned in late 2016 by the Police Unit for Intellectual Property Crime in the United Kingdom because it hosted links on its database of copyrighted contents. After that many copies of Putlocker were closed and banned in most countries. Since the shutdown of the Putlocker website, many users have searched for alternatives to view the content for free. Here we give you a list of the best alternatives to Putlockers so that you can watch the latest TV shows and movies online for free.

Top 10 Putlocker Alternatives for 2022 | Watch Your Favorite Movies, Listen to Music, Tv Shows & Games

Best Putlocker Alternative New Sites in 2021

1. Popcorn Time

It has a huge library of different TV shows and movies. Popcorn Time is a popular broadcasting site like Netflix and Prime Video. You can download your favorite TV programs and movies and watch them at any time. It has an easy and simple user interface. It is characterized by its classified and arranged sections for easy searching of any content, such as the modern films section, series, etc.

2. Megashare

Megashare is one of the most convenient and direct streaming sites available on the market these days. It is considered one of the best Putlocker alternatives. Used to watch TV shows and movies online. It has a large user base and contains a large and varied library to offer. It works well on all smartphones. Its interface is easy and simple to use. You can watch movies and TV programs of different quality. One of the great advantages of this site is that it provides translation for its users.

3. Primewire

Bad design and outdated layout are among the major downsides of Primewire. All movies on Primewire are available in high, low, and medium quality. You can choose from various qualities that allow you to enjoy watching films also when you’re not on the internet without thinking about your monthly data allocation. This site contains a huge amount of all types of Hollywood movies, from very successful films to films with limited budgets and revenues.

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4. LosMovies

LosMovies contains a large number of movies and TV shows of various genres. You can watch movies that contain subtitles only on Los Movies, and you can also watch the most popular movies at the moment. Unfortunately, the site contains a large number of ads and popups, so install an ad blocker so that you can watch without disturbance.

5. StreamDor

If you love watching classic movies, Streamdor is a good platform for watching old classic movies. You will find all the classic movies on it. One of its drawbacks is that its database does not contain the latest Hollywood movies. Stream or host all of its content on YouTube, making streaming more smooth for users. Unlike Putlocker that self-host its movies, so Streamdor must deal with YouTube’s copyright policies.

6. Hdpopcorns

It is an alternative to Putlocker. You can watch and download movies in high definition.

Hdpopcorns contains the latest Hollywood movies and some classic films in high quality.

It also has an elegant user interface. You can access an alphabetical list through the navigation bar at the top of the page. In addition to search options that allow the user to search for content by type, country, or IMDB classification. Hdpopcorns streams are available in 720p to 1080p. One of the advantages of the website is that it does not contain advertisements.

7. AZMovies

AZMovies is a great Putlocker alternative site. The site is distinguished by its striking beauty. The quality of the content on this site is much higher than on other websites. For each title you open on AZMovies, you will find many working links that allow you to stream content with high accuracy. The user interface of the site is easy and beautiful. AZMovies contains few ads.

8. 5Movies

It’s a great streaming site, and it’s a good Putlocker alternative website. You can watch and download the latest movies online for free, in addition to various TV shows and music recordings. This site provides a search bar that allows you to easily search for your favorite movies. You can also download this site as a mobile app for Android devices.

9. Cmovies

Cmovies contains a huge database of various TV shows and movies such as romantic movies, horror, comedy, fantasy, and more. It is a good Putlocker alternative website. This site also provides the most famous TV programs and the latest films that were released online for free.

10. Moviewatcher

The design of the site is simple and easy, which makes the user find the content easily. Site categories are simple and clear. It contains a large database of films. At the top of the site, you can find search options as well as category options that allow you to sort the contents by type, country, and year of release. One of the drawbacks of this site is that it does not provide enough TV programs.

11. Yesmovies

The site design is elegant and attractive, consisting of red and black colors. It contains a wide range of movies and TV programs. You can watch the video on this site in high quality.

The site provides a variety of the best titles and TV shows. You can use the option to sort movies at the top of the page in alphabetical order or by type.

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12.  SolarMovie

One of the cool Putlocker alternative sites. It is one of the best sites for broadcasting free movies online. Consistent and elegant website design makes the movie broadcasting experience very interesting. Watch the contents on this site in high definition. You can quickly find new favorite content through on-site sorting options that allow you to filter content by type, country, and IMDB classification. The interface of the site is clean and smooth. If you created a user account on SolarMovie, you can save site preferences and request new content.

13. Fmovies

This site provides the latest movies, as well as all classic movies online, for free. It is one of the most popular broadcast sites and the best Putlocker alternatives. Fmovies is a lightweight site that doesn’t take up much space on the device. Its simple design contains a huge collection of films. The user interface of the site is easy and streamlined. It has a huge search bar with which you can find your favorite content. And the direct navigation bar gives you the option to go to the movies or TV program page. You can also get links to movies arranged according to the IMDB classification.

14. DuckieTV

This is another Putlocker alternative site. It is a free site and you can download it as an application on different operating systems. You can watch favorite movies, series, and TV shows on DuckieTV. You can use this site as Opera and Google Chrome. It has a great graphical user interface. If you want to add or download something from the application, you can set up automatic downloads.

15. 123Movies

123Movies is a competitor replacement for Putlocker. It is one of the most famous free movie streaming sites on the Internet. It contains a large user base from all over the world. The user interface is clean and contains a very wide library of movies. The platform features a beautiful and modern design. It contains a few ads, which makes it a competitive site to many sites. You can find movies from the 1960s to the latest movies today. It also contains a variety of animation, anime, and Asian drama. The site navigation bar gives you access to all site categories and sorting options.

16. GoMovies

It is a good site for watching various TV shows and movies online for free. The site is very clean and not complicated. It is beautiful and simple in design. It has a huge search bar with which you can find any movies or TV shows that you want to watch. GoMovies is extremely easy to use. It is a good Putlocker alternative website.

17. Niter

If you are a fan of Hollywood movies, this site is your way to get what you want. It features only US movies and TV shows. It does not contain any content from the Asian drama, and this defects the site. Some users will love the look of this site because it contains dark and attractive colors. Through this site, you can watch movies and TV shows for free online. This makes it a good Putlocker alternative site.

18. Rainierland

Rainierland is a great site for streaming movies and TV shows online for free and a good alternative to Putlocker. It contains a large number of popular films that you can choose from to enjoy your free time. The cinema category of Rainierland has the best cinematography in which you will find a wide variety of films. On the main page of this site, you will find all that is currently popular from TV shows and movies.

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19. PopcornFlix

You can also download Popcornflix as an app on all Android and iOS devices and enjoy great viewing. Popcornflix is one of the best Putlocker alternatives. The site contains a variety of different TV shows and movies, such as drama, horror, and more. The site also provides great video quality.

20. Moonline

Moonline contains many different movies, such as horror movies, dramas, action, anime movies, and many other movies that you can watch for free online. It is an excellent free streaming site like Putlockers. The search bar on this site allows you to find your favorite movies.

21. Movie4u

You can watch different movies and TV shows for free on Movie4u. It is a very similar site to Putlockers. You can search for your favorite content using the search bar at the top of the web home page. The user interface is very simple and easy to navigate to find movies and shows.

Below the main page, there is a list by type and a list by year.

22. Watch Online Series

If you are a fan of TV shows, Watch Online is a streaming website that offers you a lot of offers. It contains a lot of ads, it is better to use an ad blocker to enjoy Watch Online Series.

Most TV programs are available on Watch Online in high quality.

The site displays successive episodes of the shows that you watch, which makes it a very great site.


Are Putlocker Alternatives Safe?

Republishing any copyrighted content is illegal. Therefore, many countries banned some alternatives to Putlocker. But in this article, we have mentioned alternative sites for Putlocker completely safe to use.

Does my VPN protect me while using Putlocker?

Yes, VPN will protect you while broadcasting any content online on Putlocker, it is a safe and reliable network. All of this is due to Putlocker, which hosts copyrighted content. This network encrypts your online traffic, so no one can track your activities online.

Is Putlocker Legal In The United States?

Yes, Putlocker is legal in the United States. It is one of the most popular movies streaming sites. It hosts copyrighted content for free. For users who only use it to watch movies online, there is no legal problem for any user who uses Putlocker to stream movies but the download is illegal.


Since Putlockers sites have been closed down, a good alternative to these sites should be sought. Putlocker alternatives are alternatives that allow free broadcasting of movies and TV shows. You can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies on these sites for free. Use a good VPN for your security and protect your identity. In this article, we have provided you with the best alternatives to Putlocker sites that you can choose from and enjoy watching.

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