5 Reasons to Implement Video Interviewing Software in Your Recruitment Process

Video Interviewing
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Video interviewing is not just a new tool to help recruiters, it is a new approach to the whole hiring process. The practice of interviewing only a small number of people whose CVs have made a positive first impression leads to the inadvertent omission of suitable candidates.

There are different ways you can do a long-distance interview: by phone, via video-chat software such as Skype or WhatsApp, or through the use of specialized video interviewing platforms that allow you to plan, automate and optimize the entire hiring process.

Here are 5 advantages of working with specialized video interviewing software.

  1. First impression

Psychological research shows that communication during conversations is predominantly non-verbal. Intonation and body language make up 93% of that communication, while words are responsible for just 7%. If you choose video interviewing instead of the old way of interviewing over the phone, you will be able to have a proper conversation with the candidate, in which you get to see one another. If the position he/she is applying for requires regular face-to-face contact with clients, you will be able to judge accurately if that candidate is up to the task.

  1. It eliminates the personal bias factor

Even when people try to be as professional as possible, it’s often very hard to make a choice that is not affected by any personal bias. An interviewer can easily be influenced by his/her own subjective judgement and unknowingly shift the focus of the interview away from what really matters: the applicant’s competence and abilities. That is how companies end up employing charismatic people who don’t necessarily have the right professional training and experience for the job.

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Video interviewing software allows you to prepare set questionnaires in advance which you can then send to all applicants, and in this way you can apply the same criteria to each one of those candidates, thus minimizing the personal bias factor when assessing their application.

  1. The power of second opinion

Practice has shown that recruiting employees is done much more efficiently by a team rather than by a single recruiter. Your colleagues may notice small details that you may not immediately recognize.

Live video interviewing allows you to do a conference with multiple participants, and the option to record the interview gives your colleagues the opportunity to review and assess each candidate’s performance whenever is convenient for them.

  1. Process automation – scheduling, notifications, automatic emails to candidates

With video interviewing software you have the option to set an appointment schedule that is linked with your online calendar. There is also an option to set automated reminders and notifications, which you can send to yourself, your co-workers, or the candidates.

Using a specialized video interviewing software can save you a lot of time by helping you organize your schedule neatly and it also makes sure you don’t forget or miss an important interview.

  1. Archive

A video interviewing platform keeps an archive of data related to applicants, such as their personal information and CVs, your assessment of their applications, video interview recordings and what positions they have applied for. In addition to convenience, keeping an archive provides you with the opportunity to revisit old applications in the future.

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