Professional Advices for buyers of a newly constructed house

Professional Advices for buyers of a newly constructed house
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Every person likes to buy things that are new; whether it is a simple handbag or a house. Although there are some circumstances where buying used items is necessary, but still, the desire to purchase a new one never dies out. But there are a few points that buyers must follow the advice before buying a newly constructed house.

Advantages of a newly constructed house

Many people will advise you to buy a second-hand house as you can face several difficulties. But the old homes have their own set of problems that can’t be ignored. So the best choice is to buy a new house by stop renting to own homes. There are several advantages that you get when buying a brand new house.

Cost of maintenance is lower

The aim of buying an old house is that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on the maintenance of the whole structure. But in a new build home; all of the material used to construct it is fresh so there is very little chance that there will be any kind of damage for at least 5 to 10 years.

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Move-in is very easy

There are many construction companies that build a house and also makes sure that it is fully furnished. This is easy for those people who have to travel from the other side of the country and can’t manage to bring other stuff with them. They just have to move into the house with their luggage.

Latest Technologies save Energy

The freshly constructed houses have appliances and other kinds of systems installed that are made using the latest technologies. The houses are constructed in such a way that both hot and cool air from the air condition system doesn’t leak out. Thus, this saves a lot of energy and reduced the cost of spending energy.

The house is insured and has a warranty

Whatever damage is done during the warranty period of the house; the builder is responsible to pay for it. Everything that is included in the house comes under the obligation of the constructor. The builder has to pay for the appliances for a year and the company from which they are bought can extend the time period.

You can select the design and style

You have two choices; ones is that you either select the design of the house from multiple choices. Or have a meeting set with the construction company and have your own customized house constructed. Either way you can have the house of your choice by deciding various aspects that can be personalised.

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Professional Advices for buyers

Buying a new house can be exciting and overwhelming but you have to consider a few pieces of advice form professionals like Stop Renting Perth; so that you can avoid making mistakes. As you are making the biggest financial investment of your life; the decision must a good one and not the one that you regret.

Pick a reliable Real Estate Agent

You must hire a reliable real estate agent who is free from bias and favouritism. When you go and survey houses; the agents there use pressure tactics to corner the buyers and they are forced to make a decision and that choice is the worst of your life. So when going hunting for properties; your own real estate agent should accompany you.

Know who is the builder?

When you go and buy an item; you make sure that you research about the manufacturer. The same thing must be done for the newly constructed house as well. Search everything about the construction company and the people who work there. Check for the reviews, rating stars and comments about the constructor.

Find the best Lender

Various lenders deal with different kinds of mortgage. To find the one that knows how the whole system of buying newly constructed houses work. These lenders will know each and every rule which will reduce the issues faced by buyers.

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Negotiation must be done

People will tell you that the prices for the fresh houses are always fixed and you have to pay whatever the builder demands. Never make this mistake because there is always room for lowering the amount; just you have to be a good negotiator to make the builder come down to your desired price.

Hire a Property Inspector

Sometimes even the newly constructed houses can look beautiful and well-constructed but they can have structural damages hidden. It is wise to hire a property inspector; who can with full concentration and by being impartial with the inspection he/ she makes. The results of the inspection will be fair and unbiased.

Be aware of the Market rate

Knowing the market rate is the most essential thing to do. This helps you to know what price of that particular house is in other areas and locations. It is a very good thing when you are bargaining for the price.

Turn your mind to stop renting to own homes

An option that you can consider is to stop renting to own homes. In this scheme you can live in the house you desire to buy and make payments in the form of rent. If you are satisfied with the house then you can finalize the deal; otherwise, leave it.

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