How Power Issues Can Affect Your Air Conditioner’s Functioning

How Power Issues Can Affect Your Air Conditioner’s Functioning
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Your air conditioner may stop working at some point. There can be multiple reasons for this issue. However, not every issue is air conditioner related. The AC can be blamed when any of its parts are faulty, the AG gas is leaking or the filters are not working properly. On the other hand, the other factor affecting your AC working is your electrical system. If you have power issues, the AC will not work.

The electrical system related issues should only be treated by professionals as electric wiring can be dangerous and fatal. Some people get confused about whether to call the electricity service company or the AC service company. You should call the AC service company first. If you do not know an expert, then you can look for Professional AC Repair Company in Arlington TX. The professionals are trained to deal with high-electricity power issues and resulting in AC failure.

Power Supply

Sometimes severe weather can affect the power supply. It can be caused by an electrical surge which trips the breaker. The circuit breakers perform their job by protecting your equipment from the power surge. When you have an electricity supply, however, AC is not working then check the electrical box. If the break has tripped then it means resetting the breaker will turn the AC unit on. However, if it still does not switch on then it means that the internal system of the AC is damaged and you will need a technician.

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Power Cut

On the contrary, there are times when your AC will not turn off or trip after the set temperature is reached. It means that your AC is having issues with the electronic controls. You have a malfunctioned thermostat or sensors which is not letting the AC to work properly.

Circuit Breaker

Sometimes, the air conditioner keeps tripping the circuit breaker. It is a situation when the AC starts up after resetting the breaker. However, it trips again after some time. Whenever it happens, do not turn the breaker back on. The main purpose of a circuit breaker is to protect your home or office, the electric wiring as well as appliances by switching off the supply of electricity when the current is too high. If you keep resetting it then it can start a fire.

However, if only AC is tripping the circuit breaker then it means your AC is drawing too much power. It overheats the internal system and can cause further issues.


The overheated system can be caused by damaged electrical components inside the AC. It can be affected by the connections, capacitor, and wiring. Moreover, holes and cracks in refrigerant lines can also overheat the system. If AC’s refrigerant is running low, then it can put pressure on the system and overheat the system, ultimately causing electrical failure. Other factors include fan motor malfunctioning. The fan helps in removing heat from AC’s condenser. If the fan stops working. AC system can overheat.

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If air filters are clogged, vents are blocked or fan is not working properly then ice can form on the outside of the evaporator coil. It affects the function of the AC by forcing it to run continuously without cooling. It ultimately leads to system overheating and compressor failure. The compressor failure is the ultimate death of an AC. It is very expensive to replace and you may end up purchasing a new AC instead of getting your old AC repaired.

You should also focus on regular cleaning and maintenance of the AC. Poor maintenance leads to internal issues which can cause serious issues.

Rise In Energy Bill

If your energy bill has suddenly spiked, then it means your AC is consuming more power. AC consumes more power than needed when it is having trouble cooling the internal space. The issues like clogged filters, refrigerant leaks, and fan motor malfunctioning can cause cooling issues and affect electricity bills. You can arrange Residential AC Repair Estimates in TX from a technician and get your AC repaired in time before small issues cause turn into bigger concerns. Power supply issues can also cause a surge in electricity bills and these issues need to be resolved at the earliest.

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Regular Maintenance

If you properly maintain your AC then all of these issues can be avoided. Regular preventive maintenance helps you in keeping your AC safe from sudden failures. You can also arrange a professional inspection by an AC technician who can check your AC and guide you properly. Affordable AC Replacement Services-TX are available as well. however, it is better to prevent AC replacement and get your old AC repaired in time. Dirty coils, clogged filters, airflow, controls, and drainage issues can cause AC failure. The technician can point out all the faulty parts and repair them in time to prevent refrigerant leaks and fan motor issues.

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