The Facts you didn’t know about Truck Driver Job

Truck Driver job
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Before you become a truck driver you should think well about relationships with those around you. This profession limits the time you spend at home with your family.

OTR or CDL driver can work more than 300 days on the road. But if you are a person who likes traveling and following a routine that is different from the rest of the population, then you have to discover this job.

Here’s a set of facts you didn’t know about truck driver job

  • Some drivers prefer to drive the truck at night and some prefer to drive it during the day and they do not set the starting hours.
  • Drivers are paid by mileage and some are paid hourly. The truck driver receives payment only when he is delivering.
  • You will work up to 70 hours in eight days and then you will not be able to drive the truck again before taking 36 hours of rest after which you can work again.
  • You can’t drive more than 11 hours a day and then you should take a break for at least 10 hours.
  • Your salary will increase if you are a skilled driver or if you are transporting dangerous items or large shipments.
  • A good estimate of your salary for the first year will be about $ 40,000 and then from $ 50,000 to $ 60,000 a year.
  • It is expected to pass 500 miles per day to 2500 miles per week to 125,000 miles per year.
  • You will be loading and unloading and it is expected to take you two to three hours.
  • depend on different shipping and receiving departments and will never have to unload any goods.
  • You will get a modern truck with comfortable seats to help you rest and drive. This is good because you spend most of your time in a small space and you have to be comfortable.
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Truck driver safety

Between 1992 and 1995, the number of truck victims was large, accounting for 12.5% of work-related fatalities. Statistics say the truck drivers’ deaths are five times higher than ordinary workers, and road accidents are the most common for truck drivers.

In 2009, the deaths of large truck drivers amounted to 3380 cases, 78% of which were due to driver error due to:

  • Use of medical drugs without consulting a physician
  • Lack of thorough understanding of the road
  • Over speed
  • Conduct illegal maneuvers

FMCSA Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, which monitors the safety and statistics of truck drivers. The FMCSA website provides statistics on national accidents via the Internet.


Truckers’ career is not a normal career but needs a good study and deep reflection on the pros and cons, which are mentioned in this article.

They make you in permanent isolation, keep you away from family and home, and are more prone to high-speed road accidents.

But if you follow the correct guidelines, and traffic rules you will avoid the highways accidents of trucks and will make good profits from this profession. You can find truck driver jobs in America here.

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