Portugal Digital Nomad Visa: a Clear Guide on Applying for It

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa
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If you would love to apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Portugal (regardless of what your motivation is), it will not be hard. But you have a chance to simplify the process! Simply read the article that is offered below, and you will be well aware of all the details and the ways to facilitate the procedure of applying for this kind of visa. Let’s begin then!

Why Do You Need a Digital Nomad Visa?

This is the very first question to ask yourself. The matter is that if your answer is not justified enough, you may not be that determined on your way to apply for a Digital Nomad Visa Portugal.

Well, this type of visa is normally vital for freelancers and those who would like to establish their company in Portugal. So, if your goal is one of these, you will definitely manage to apply for this visa!

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Will You Use the Help from the Outside or Will Try to Do Everything on Your Own?

It surely depends on where you currently are. But in most cases, those who want to get this visa do not have the opportunity to go straight to Portugal and be involved in dealing with the matters linked to receiving a Digital Nomad Visa right there.

It is really cool to use the assistance of certain service providers in case you would like to make things go much faster. For instance, there is such a document as NIF that has to be provided by those who apply for a Digital Nomad Visa Portugal. And, the great news is that this document can be easily received online without any problems. All that has to be done is to find a reliable intermediary for further collaboration.

So, if you have such a chance, stick to this assistance as long as it will be much harder to complete the process of applying for a Digital Nomad Visa yourself.

Step 1: Choose the Intermediary

Picking a service provider who will be able to help you with receiving NIF and opening a bank account in Portugal is a very important and serious step to take. If you want everything to be done quickly and effectively, it has to be a trustworthy intermediary.

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It is a great idea to take a look at the reviews and enter the official site of the provider.

Step 2: Prepare the Essential Documents

The list to deal with may seem to be huge at first site but those who ask for the help of the provider will surely find the process rather smooth. Besides, it is important to be consistent when getting all the documents ready. So, let’s see what is required.

  1. A valid passport.

  2. Proof of address.

  3. Two passport-sized photos.

  4. Statement of how much you earn (your income).

  5. A clean criminal record that must be obtained in the country of your residence.

  6. Cover letter.

  7. Health insurance statement (but there is a certain rule to follow: it should cover up to 30,000 EUR for the initial period of stay).

Apart from this, all applicants should complete a Digital Nomad Visa Application form. And, it is essential to open a bank account in Portugal and receive NIF (there are two documents that may be obtained with the help of an intermediary).

Once you have got everything ready, you are really close to receiving your Portugal Digital Nomad Visa!

Step 3: Check That You Have Everything and Prepare for the Appointment

You need to make sure that you have all the necessary documents. And, all copies have to be of good quality too.

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As long as you are certain that you are done with everything, it is time to visit the Portugal Embassy. The working hours may differ so you need to figure out when you can visit and schedule this.

Step 4: Wait and Soon, You Will Visit Portugal!

This visit is going to be linked to registering your residence in the country. Apart from this, there is a Portugal residence permit interview to deal with. So, everything is rather clear.

By the way, the application for a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa can be denied in some cases. It is not a big deal and this should not be a reason to worry too much. The denial can be connected with various cases, and the applicants often have a chance to go through the process one more time.

So, the best extra piece of advice that can be given is this one: try to stay calm, and be consistent, and you will be able to handle the process of applying for the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa without any hardships! The best of luck to you then!

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