Best Travel Destinations in Europe and What Is the Best Virtual Phone Number Company

Best travel destinations in Europe and what is the best virtual phone number company
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European countries are very popular among visitors. Sometimes it seems like the ‘Old continent’ has nothing to surprise an experienced traveler anymore. However, its tourist fame has a lot of advantages. Europe is a perfect destination for beginner travelers. There are a lot of guides, so the navigation will be pretty easy. The locals are used to the tourists hitting their cities and they are always ready to help. A huge number of accommodation options and other tourist perks will be a huge advantage. If you want to make your trip to Europe even more enjoyable and exciting, we recommend you get a esim. Nowadays, it’s hard to get your bearings in an unfamiliar city without being connected to the internet. Esim is also a great solution if you want to keep in touch with your friends and relatives. Many travelers wonder what is the best virtual phone number company. The answer is eSimPlus. Get your virtual phone number for SMS and enjoy your journey.

Now let’s move on to the list of the best travel destinations in Europe.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna has been announced to be the most comfortable city for living in the world several times. And it is no surprise. The public transportation system, great architecture, a huge variety of different kinds of entertainment. There is always something to do in this city. What is more, Vienna is almost perfectly tidy and safe, so your security is guaranteed.

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The city is proud of its cultural and historical background. Visit world-famous art-galleries where you can find the works of Monet, Picasso and Klimt. Continue appreciating art by visiting spectacular Viennese opera. And finally, try amazing Austrian food, get a huge Viennese schnitzel and order waffles for dessert.

Porto, Portugal

Porto is one of tourist Mecca. This city is relatively small. Its population is about 300 000 citizens. However, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do here. The size of Porto is one of its greatest advantages. Even if your time in the city is limited, you can still explore a lot of things and get the sense of completeness when you leave. Porto is famous for its traditional architecture. For example, you might have seen all those beautiful white and blue Portuguese tiles. They are everywhere.

The city is located right in front of the ocean. Take a walk through Ribeira and The Douro Valley and you will get right to the shore. You can find a lot of spectacular ocean views in Porto itself. If you want to go to the beach, you can take a brief metro ride and enjoy everything beach life has to offer. Be careful, the waters of the ocean are pretty cold.

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Valencia, Spain

Valencia is not as crowded and popular among tourists as Barcelona or Madrid, but it is definitely worth visiting. Valencia is located on the Mediterranean and it has the relaxed vibe of a city near the beach. However, unlike Barcelona, Valencia is much more traditionally Spanish. The spirit of Flamenco and Corrida is everywhere. The city combines the examples of traditional Spanish and gothic architecture with modern futuristic buildings from the famous Science Park.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia is terra incognita for some travelers. It has become more popular recently, but the country still can’t compare to its neighbors. The geographical location of Slovenia significantly defines its mentality. Slovenia is a Slavic country, but with a bright, sophisticated South European flavor. The country is very small, which is also a big advantage. You don’t need a lot of time to get from one place to another. Nature was definitely very generous to Slovenia. You can find both spectacular mountains and paradise beaches. However, if you’re a party person you might be a bit disappointed. Ljubljana is not really famous for its nightlife. The city is perfect for a calm, relaxing vacation.

Oslo, Norway

Oslo is a wealthy, calm city where you can find everything you need. It also has a lot of examples of modern architecture with glass elements. However, Norway is not about the cities. Norway is about nature. The country is proud of the landscapes you can find nowhere else in the world. Sometimes the surroundings look like a real-life fairytale. If you want to get a clear understanding of the beauty of Norwegian nature, you should visit one of the multiple Norwegian fjords. Fjords are the places where the sea meets the mountains. It’s difficult to explain, you just have to see it yourself!

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Hope we’ve inspired you a little bit. Bon Voyage!

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