MOD APK or MODDED APK – All You Need To Know!

MOD APK or MODDED APK – All You Need To Know!
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The term ‘MOD’ stands for ‘Modified,’ and Modded APKs are the modified or refined versions of the already existing apps. The Modded APKs are designed to improve functionality, remove ads, access all app features, and even unlock paid features.

The term ‘APK’ basically stands for ‘Android Package’ and is a usual format used by the Android Operating System.

So, the Mod APK means a modified app, which someone creates after breaking down the original app and removing certain permissions. It is mostly done to remove ads and unlock paid features.

Modded APKS consists of all the original app features, including the paid and premium features that the end-users would otherwise have to pay for to access. However, one should keep in mind that this process is illegal, whether developing, downloading, installing, or using Mod APKs.

This is because Modded APKs overlap the authorization only premium and paid users have. But, this applies only if the original app is legal.

One of the most common fields where Modded APKs are found is streaming. The market is filled with streaming-related Modded APKs today, but in reality, any app can be modified.

For example, if you’re looking for an Android Cleaner app, you would most likely purchase the premium version to unlock its full suite of features. With the Modded APK of the same app, the paid and premium features would be available without you having to pay anything. It is also why Mod APKs are popular and continue to flood the market with every passing day.

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It is important to note that downloading, installing, and using Modded APKs carry a certain amount of inherent risks.

Common Benefits of Using MOD APK or Modded APK 

There are a few common benefits why many people prefer to use modded APKs. Let us delve deeper to find out the real reasons behind its growing popularity –

Ad-Free Experience

Showing ads to the users allows the developers to monetize their apps and earn a generous revenue. While it does help the developers to earn revenue, it destroys the end-user’s experience. Most of the streaming, gaming, utility and other categories of apps today showcase ads too frequently, which can get really annoying for the users.

Modded APKs eliminate the ads, ensuring the users have a clean and interruption-free experience, whether it is a streaming app, gaming app, or anything else.

Free Access To Premium Features

A Mod APK is, by default, the premium version of the app with all its premium and paid features unlocked. The users downloading the modded apk of their desired app would have access to all the app’s paid features without having to pay a penny.

Needless to say, this is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t mind getting a Modded APK.

Remove Permissions

How often have you downloaded an app and are immediately bombarded with an app asking permission to access storage, photos, mic, contacts, location, and more? It seems like too much intrusion into our lives, and many people today are not happy with giving such access to these apps.

Some apps require some of these permissions to function, e.g., a GPS-enabled Step Counter App would require access to your location. In most cases, though, these apps don’t require a majority of the permissions to function properly.

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Using a Mod APK would remove these permissions, giving you the peace of mind you need to use the app as you wish without worrying about peeping into your life.

Risks of Using MOD APK

After having gone through the benefits of Modded APKS, you must be wondering why all of us aren’t using it. Well, the reason is there are a few risks associated with using Modded APKs. Let’s dig deeper to find out –

Modded APKs are Not Legal or Official

The original App developers do not develop the Modded APKs. The Modded APKs are usually developed by programmers and even hackers, making it possible for these APKs to be easily patched with malware.

The Modded APKs are neither licensed nor available on the official app stores, including the Google Play Store. Google even warns its users not to download apps from ‘unknown sources.’

These APKs may contain unwanted viruses and malware that can do more harm than good, beating the purpose of installing and using APKs in the first place.

Are You Sure About The Source?

As mentioned earlier, the Modded APKS are not developed by the original app developers. It is important to trust the source from where you’re downloading the Mod APK. Reading what others users are saying about the Mod APK and learning from their experience will help you decide whether the Modded APK is worth downloading or not.

This is important because many a time, scrupulous elements and hackers may add things to APKs that are not needed, which can potentially risk the users’ data security, privacy, and more.

Risks Related to Adware & Malware

Malicious software is usually regarded as malware. It is a piece of software that is added to harm your device, steal your data, breach your privacy, cause financial loss, and in general, cause a mess. Common things added as malware include Trojans, Viruses, Spyware, etc.

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Similar to malware is adware, a program that displays advertisements on your mobile device or computer, tracks your search requests, collects browser history information, and gathers marketing and personal data from you. The developers of adware also earn from the advertisements showcased to you.


While the use of Modded APKs is significantly increasing as more and more people get tech-friendly and use smartphones globally, it is important to know the pros and cons of Modded APKs beforehand.

One other thing to be noted here is that by using the Mod APKs, you’re bypassing all the monetizing channels put in place by the original app developers.

The original app developers are losing out on a big chunk of their potential revenue. While we agree that some of the popular apps out there must cut down on the number of ads shown, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all users should switch to Mod APKs.

Why? Because if the developers are not getting the funds to host, update, and upgrade their app through their revenue channels, they might lose interest in it altogether, causing the app to die eventually.

In conclusion, we feel that using Mod APKs is a great way to save money, eliminate ads, and enjoy free access to premium features. However, you should ensure that the Modded APKs you download are from a trustworthy source.

You must also use a VPN to add a layer of security, providing you that much-needed peace of mind while using Mod APKs.

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