Is Cox A Good Pick For My House?

Is Cox A Good Pick For My House?
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Cox Communications has been delivering quality to the users from the beginning, right now Cox is the 3rd largest broadband network in the US and serves more than 6.6 million people around the state. Cox is currently operating in 19 states but aims to expand their network further so that it can become the market leader. The internet service provider offers 4 of its most premium services Cox Internet, Cox Phone, Cox Homelife Security, and Cox Contour TV.

Why Cox for your house and not others?

You as a user have the right to do your research and then decide what broadband you want for your house but to make up your mind, I can show you why Cox should be your pick and not others.

  • Stable Connectivity

If you are local home internet provider user, it is very obvious that you might be facing connectivity issues or your internet slows down and, in that case, Cox should be the perfect choice for your house as it has great connectivity and won’t trouble you like your home providers.

  • Speed

What everyone asks for nowadays is always high speed in the internet they use, you can never get equal and constant speed in your local service provider whereas if we talk about Cox, Cox has been one of the finest broadband networks in terms of providing high-end speed to the users.

  • Customer Support
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One thing that I must say is ‘top notched’ in Cox and that is the customer support system. The support is always ready to assist you on call because of the 24/7 availability for the consumers so that you can have hassle-free installation and even if you are stuck somewhere, they can send a professional to your house.

  • 30 days money back guaranteed

I am sure your local home provider won’t give you such a facility but Cox does. Just in case you are not satisfied with the service or if you are not getting enough speed in your area, you can terminate the network and get a full refund as Cox keeps your money safe for 30 days.

  • Price

Price is always one of the major reasons why users mostly get confused but don’t worry because we all know Cox is slightly expensive than the local providers but it gives you fair pricing as you would only be charged what you ask for.

After discussing some of the main advantages that Cox has but others don’t, how about we discuss the internet plans offered by them?

Go Fast Comes with 100mbps download speed Starts with $49.99
Go Faster Arrives with fast 250mbps download speed Starts with $69.99
Even Faster Offers up to 500mbps download Starting with $89.99
Super-Fast Comes up with 1gbps download speed As low as $109.99
Beyond Fast Offering a flashy super-fast 2gbps of download speed Check for availability
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Cox has some amazing bundles, right? The reason to offer so many packages is pretty simple, it should be the user’s choice of what package they want from themselves. Beyond Fast is the premium package offered by the provider but it is not available in most areas so if you want ‘Beyond Fast’, you can contact customer support for further guidance.

Cox has claimed to be an allrounder in the market and with time, they somehow have proved to be one, Cox Homelife Security is also a premium service offered by Cox Communications. Let’s have a look at what is being offered to you.

Cox Homelife Security

Cox Homelife Security is a system designed to keep an eye on your house when you are somewhere else. Installation of Cox Homelife is pretty simple but just in case, if you are not a Cox user, you would need to install Cox Internet first and only then you can avail of Cox Homelife Security. Being smart is what you would definitely prefer. Cox offers you Smart Homelife with Cox Internet as a bundle which will not affect your pocket much and can enjoy the services.


Not denying the fact that there are local 5g home internet providers who might claim to give you the world’s fastest speed but you as a user should not forget that you and your entire neighborhood would be connected to a single point and your speed would eventually drop. Not just the internet, but Cox has been proving to be one best networks in the town.

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