Data Science is the Future

Data Science is the Future
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Engineering is considered to be one of the most attractive courses in India. Students are keen on selecting engineering as it offers lucrative career opportunities. After completing their schooling, science students can opt for almost any course they like, yet most of them go for engineering. Today, data science is one of the most popular fields in engineering. The analytics market is expected to double in India in the next few years. There will be a big demand for data scientists all over India. The colleges in India have realized the importance of the course and the demand for data scientists and therefore offer the course.

Most Indian colleges offer B.Tech in Big Data Analytics, which is an undergraduate course in engineering. The duration of the course is 4 years and the course aims to educate the students about the techniques related to Big Data, which involve data mining, data warehousing, data visualization, and statistics. Some of the top colleges offering B.Tech in Big Data Analytics are DIT University, Dehradun; NIIT University, Neemarana; IIT Hyderabad, and Vishvakarma Institute of Technology which is one of the top BTech colleges in Pune.

Data science is one of the hottest fields because the amount of data that is being transferred in the corporate environment is increasing every day. This huge amount of data can be used by companies to improve their decision-making and to get insights into future trends. A career in data science calls for a thorough knowledge of mathematics and statistic. At the core of data science are machine learning, statistical, and analytics skills to draw useful insights.

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If you are looking to acquire the most in-demand skills, join a hands-on Data Science Course. This will expose you to the most important concepts, skills, technologies, and tools in Data Science.

Data Science is the Future

This field involves analyzing a large amount of data in a short amount of time and extracting useful insights. Apart from Technical skills, data science also requires a deep knowledge of the industry and problem-solving skills.

To keep up with the large demand for data scientists, colleges and universities have taken initiatives to provide special programs and courses for data analytics. If a student is looking to obtain fundamental skills that are needed to analyze data, there are a lot of short part-time courses available. However, if a student is looking to pursue data science as a career, a degree course will be more helpful. While selecting a program in data science, one should make sure that the program includes the following topics:

  • R and Python Programming
  • Data analysis with Excel
  • Variations of Linear Regression
  • Decision trees
  • Time Series Regression
  • Big Data Ecosystem
  • Data Visualization
  • Big Data Engineering

Machine learning is one of the most popular topics in data science at the moment. Machine learning is behind the most recent breakthroughs in AI (Artificial Intelligence). ML algorithm finds patterns in data and generates a model. It will recognize the pattern whenever new data is presented. ML algorithms can be divided into two categories:

  • Supervised Learning (SL): In SL, the value that is to be predicted is already in the training data, therefore the algorithm can predict future outcomes.
  • Unsupervised Learning (UL): In UL, the value to be predicted is not in the training data, therefore the algorithm finds hidden patterns in the data.
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The digitization of most business processes means that data science and machine learning are the future. In the next few years, the demand of data scientists will be on the rise. Future and present data science professionals, need to have sound knowledge of the technical requirements. Luckily, in India today, the number of institutes offering these courses is also on the rise to match this demand.

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