What is Cyber Hygiene and Best Practices to Follow?

What is Cyber Hygiene and Best Practices to Follow
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We are living in an era when staying offline seems impossible. Just disconnect yourself from the internet and spend the day. You will feel like living in the stone age. With the internet being mainstream all over the globe, the possibilities of being hacked are quite high. Whether you are using the mobile app to transfer money from one account to another or shopping your favorite tech gizmo on Black Friday, you are not safe unless you take appropriate actions.

Cyber hygiene might be a new term for many common internet users. Some of you might have guessed what the term will be all about. So without letting you wait further, let’s explain what is cyber hygiene.

What is Cyber Hygiene?

Cyber hygiene refers to the practices of cybersecurity that internet users can take to ensure enterprise security. It is similar to personal hygiene that you adopt to ensure the proper health of yourself and your family. Cyber hygiene is no different, the only difference is that it refers to online hygiene needed to ensure proper security and privacy.

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Best Practices of Cyber Hygiene

When it comes to online privacy and security, most people ignore adopting best practices to ensure cyber hygiene. The reason is either they are too lazy or don’t want to get involved in any technical details. But we will make sure to help you adopt best practices even if you are doing it for the first time. Let’s take a look into it.

Install Security Suite

If you are an avid internet user, you must be aware of how threatening it is to stay online without installing a security suite. The best practice is to install antivirus software on your system to protect it from potential attacks.

However, if you can’t afford to invest extra money, you can go for Spectrum internet en español offering high-speed internet with free internet modem, free security suite, and unlimited data caps. If you are not living in Spectrum’s coverage area, try to look for ISP offering a security suite with its plans.

Use a VPN

Cybersecurity practices can be adopted without investing heavily. For instance, using a VPN will help you stay connected to the internet without being vulnerable to security and privacy. Virtual Private Network allows you to surf the internet without revealing your IP address. It helps you stay private while using public WI-FI and you can make payments or shop online without any trouble. Some of the best VPNs you can buy include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Browsec, SurfShark, and many more.

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Set strong passwords

One of the biggest mistakes internet users frequently commit is not setting a strong password on their WI-FI or when signing up for a new account. Make sure when you install a new Wi-FI router in your home, do not leave the default name and password. Change it immediately by going to its settings page. Similarly, when signing up for email, social media, or bank accounts, make sure to keep the password unique and strong. Try to use a combination of small and capital letters followed by special characters, and numbers. It will help you to stay safe without being hacked.

Set a Routine

If you want to practice cyber hygiene frequently, make sure to update your knowledge. Keep reading articles and find what threats cyber personnel is currently observing. Get yourself in the habit of reading and practicing cyber hygiene for maximum security and privacy.

If you are too much busy and often forget to do so, the simple hack is to set an alarm or schedule the date on your calendar. That is one of the easiest methods not to forget and ensure proper cyber hygiene. For instance, run antivirus software once every month to clean your hard drive from potential malware and other viruses. Also, do not forget to update your operating system, especially when you are being notified.

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Summing Up

The consequences of not taking appropriate measures in a timely manner would result in jeopardizing your online privacy and security. It all requires your commitment and practices to be safe and protected online. Following the aforementioned cyber hygiene practices will prove to be fruitful.

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