How to Save an Email as a PDF?

How to Save an Email as a PDF
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Most of us use email as a method of communication for our job and other relevant activities. Sometimes it becomes necessary to get an email in PDF format, but most of the users don’t know how to do it. ‘How do I download an email as a pdf?’ It is one of the most popular questions asked on Google. The answer to it is simple; the user doesn’t need any rocket science to make it happen.

All they need to do is have an email account and an understanding of the process. The process is no different for whether the users use Gmail, Outlook, or any other email service. They would need to understand some basic steps, and the rest of the process, i.e., downloading email as pdf, is quite easy.

Here is a brief overview of how to save an email as a PDF to your phone or any other device in a simple manner.

Saving Email as PDF

If you use email as the main source of communication for work purposes, then you can understand how important it is to get the PDFs of your communication for record-keeping purposes. It is not always easy to search the inbox to find a specific email. Instead, it is better to save it as a PDF and then access it from the specific folder.

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Furthermore, you won’t always need an active internet connection to access this file. Therefore, most users use this method to keep their record on their PC, phone, or other devices. Also, it is much easier to manage PDF files compared to long email threads.

There is a possibility that you face a data loss from the email, which could cost much. Thus, it is better to keep a backup in the form of PDFs. The process is just a few steps that can help you save your valuable emails.

Different Email Service Providers

Most users are confused by the specific email service that they use. It is not a point of confusion as the process won’t have much difference for popular email services like Gmail and Outlook. The details are given as follows.


If the user uses the Gmail service, then they have two options to save email as a PDF. These include the following.

  1. Save it as PDF
  2. Save it as .EML

If they want to save it as a PDF, the process is simple. They have to open the message that they want to download. The first step is clicking the three dots on the left side of the screen on the email message. Then they have to click the ‘Print’ option; then they have to select the file destination and the file format, which is PDF.

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Once the option PDF has been clicked, they have to click save, and it will be stored on the PC.


Microsoft Outlook is another popular email service. The user can also export email to PDF via this service. The first step to save an email as PDF is to click the file on the email in Outlook. The next step is to click ‘Printer.’ The next step is to click ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ under the printer designation.

Once they have chosen the option of ‘print,’ they will get the prompt ‘Save Print Output As’ where the users can click PDF and then save it to the desired destination.

MacOS or iOS

How to download email as a pdf on MacOS or iOS? The process is no different from the email services except that the user would need to download the email apps in order to easily execute the process. Once they have downloaded the app, they will follow a similar process as mentioned above.

Simplifying the Process

The process of saving an email as a PDF is quite simple. There is no difference between saving an email from Outlook or Gmail. Here is the simplified process.

  • The user would need access to Gmail or Outlook.
  • Once they have accessed the app, they need to click a specific email.
  • The next step is to click the available options to download or save the email.
  • They have to select the option of PDF (as needed in Outlook).
  • The downloaded email will be saved in the desired destination.
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Using and saving email is easy. Users can send emails and send their emails and get responses. They can download the emails in an easy manner. Pick a template, and let’s go!


It is easy to save an email as PDF. Though the process of saving an email is different, there is nothing difficult in it. The users can try different email services and then save the email as PDF to their device. The process is simple and convenient for users of different services.

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