How To Get Your Office Building Ready for Your Corporate Video

How To Get Your Office Building Ready for Your Corporate Video
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When preparing to make a corporate video, you need to consider all details. People viewing the video will observe the setup of your office and how it operates. There are many things people can see about your business, so you want to make sure you are running at optimal performance before putting your business’s reputation on the line. This may leave you wondering what the best approach is to prepare your office.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a corporate video.

Look from the perspective of an outsider.


Let’s say your company offers outbound call center services. What does that look like to an outsider? Are they going to see your employees using the latest call center software? A modern-day call center should have call center solutions including predictive dialers, incoming calls, outgoing calls tech support, voice BPO, live chat, appointment setting, and lead generation. Suppose your call center does not have these functions. In that case, you need to look into new software solutions before creating a corporate video that may display your company as being outdated or inefficient.

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Running an efficient and productive company is critical to your company’s success. One could argue that having the right software isn’t about preparing for a corporate video and more about running a good business. However, sometimes companies get comfortable doing things the way they’ve always been done or do not want to spend the money to upgrade the system they already have. Preparing for a corporate video can highlight those areas that should have been updated already.

Work with videography professionals.


Use corporate production services for your corporate videos. Video production is not an area you should try to save money in by hiring a student or amateur. Using an expert will ensure that the final video is professional with clean edits and transitions. It will also ensure that the production team is looking at the background things the viewer can see to ensure your company is viewed positively. The production team can suggest changes in lighting, furniture arrangement, and wall decor if there are concerns about how the video will look. Professional videographers have an eye for aesthetics and detail and may notice things the average person wouldn’t see. An experienced company will work with you before the day of shooting to go over the storyboard for the proposed video and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Prepare with last-minute deep cleaning.


More than likely, you have cleaners who come in nightly or weekly to clean the office. However, right before you are ready to have the production team go in and shoot a video, you want to have a deep cleaning done. A last-minute deep cleaning will ensure everything is sparkling clean and the cameras won’t pick up dust coming off the blinds or bookshelves. It will give you peace of mind knowing your office fully represents professionalism in your business. Cleaning has a positive impact on people’s mental state while in the space. A deep cleaning will brighten the mood of the whole office going into the video shoot.

There are many reasons you may be creating a corporate video. Videos are often used for promotion, training, and updating for investors and stakeholders. Regardless of why you are creating a corporate video, you want to make sure the video shines a positive light on every aspect of your company, from the way you do business to the office space layout. A corporate video may even help you evaluate what changes need to be made in your business to grow more efficiently and profitable in the long run.

You need to schedule a meeting with your clients or employees, but they are all busy. You want to find a time when everyone is available.

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