Best affordable Headlight Bulbs

Best affordable Headlight Bulbs
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All the vehicle drivers who have been driving for years will agree upon that the most crucial part of the car is the headlight bulb. However, one cannot deny the fact that the headlight is the most vital and critical part of any vehicles. It doesn’t matter that either you are driving at day time or night, during adverse weather or in the rain, the working headlights help the driver to see quickly on the road. Hence, it is essential to pay proper attention while buying the lights. To have the best headlight bulbs surely keeps you safe while driving on the road.

Since we know the importance of headlight bulbs, we will help you choose the best headlight bulbs for your car. Best of all, today, we will highlight the top brands, and some top picks for you to make your selection more concise, affordable, and budget-friendly. Additionally, we will talk about the benefits and features of the best headlight bulbs.

We are agreed upon one statement that sometimes it is hard and confusing to replace your old halogen headlight bulb due to the plethora of available options not just at the local market or auto part stores and also online. So, before you decided to hit the market, you must be clear about the model and brand you are interested in buying. Additionally, which type of bulb your car might need is another essential aspect you must keep in your mind. This pre-analysis homework will narrow down your requirements and help you find your best headlight bulb from the available options in a short time.

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Pre-Requisite to replace your headlight bulb

Mostly the replacement of halogen bulbs can either available in a single pack or twin pack. However, you can find many manufactures who only offer specific bulb filaments that are available in a single pack. So while purchasing your headlight bulb, it’s important to keep in mind. Also, when one is purchasing a new headlight bulb, you must know about the quantity of bulb you need.

If one is interested in upgrading the halogen bulb to make it brighter and whiter, then you must replace both bulbs at the same time. Otherwise, you might encounter brightness issues on both sides at the same time. This brightness will then effect the road visibility while driving. So the one you must purchase based upon your need, hence, if you are driving at the rural place, night, or dimly lit streets, then you should go for something bigger or brighter that can enhance your visibility.

Headlight Bulb benefits

Following are the highlighted benefits of headlight bulbs:

Brighter light:

Your headlight must have the better bulbs that can enhance the headlight through shining brightly. You may also notice that your car headlights have already equipped with a minimum level of required brightness. As the manufactures sometimes buy the headlight bulbs in bulk, that somehow cheap. So, it’s better to use a fresh piece instead of stocking the bulb.

Better Visibility:

Visibility is indeed one of the most important things. So while installing the upgraded bulb, you can have good visibility for you during day and night driving at both high and low levels of beams.

Modern Look:

To enhance your visibility while upgrading your headlights, you can take the look of your car to the next level. The big bright bulbs can help in standing your car out among the crowd and makes you feel great.

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Top Headlight Brands:

Following are our top pick brands for Headlights. However, you can learn more about best headlight bulbs here.

JDM Astar:

JDM Astar is taken as a well-known brand when it comes to buying a high-quality LED headlight. Additionally, this company has been specialized in automotive LED lighting technology. They also offer a large variety of different bulbs such as trucks, cars, boats, and much more. This company was founded in Southern California and eventually takes popularity in online retail function. Their popular products include:

  • JDM ASTAR Lumens LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit.
  • JDM ASTAR T2 High Performance LED headlight Bulbs


Globally, Philips is one of the leading brand company that is serving everyone through many different households and automotive products. This company in 1981 has started in making carbon-filament lamps. Today, this company is taken as one of the most notorious and common named company for designing light bulbs. This global company has it’s headquarter situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The most in-demand headlight bulbs of this company include:

  • CrystalVision Ultra Headlight
  • X-tremeVision Upgrade Headlight Bulb

Headlight Bulb Price Range:

Price range between 20$ to 40$:

This statement is true that one can have good quality headlight if you pay high priced on items. However, you can still have the best headlight bulb in this price range. Though you may have a slight compromise on quality. Hence, within this price range, you may get two lamps without the addition of any extra tool. So you can have numerous halogen-sourced headlights within this price range.

Price range between 40$ to 60$:

The most common price range for LED headlight bulbs lies within this price range. Though, due to the bright light and consuming less electricity and energy, they are much expensive. Hence, you can find numerous plugs and bulbs within this price range.

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Price range between 60$ to 80$:

Since this price range is quite expensive so, you might encounter so many Xenon HID bulbs within this price range. Regardless of the high price, it is worth to invest in buying this product as you can have unique light technology among all the products that enable the lights to shine and bright for longer use.

Key Features:


Having headlight bulbs to best and effective requires a unique feature such as waterproof. However, your headlight bulbs are more protected by the headlight covers, but still. dust, dirt, and water can find its way to sneak into the headlight. So the bulbs of your vehicle should be waterproof to keep the bulbs sustaining and working correctly for a long time even during adverse weather.

Installation Mechanism:

You can find most of the lightening bulbs that use plug-and-play technology feature, making your headlight to install easily. This simple installation enables you to plug your product and connect within your car to make your headlight work without any hustle. However, if your bulb doesn’t have a plug and play mechanism, then you might need a manual installation that requires wiring and connection setup.

Lightening Feature:

There are numerous types and styles of bulbs that produce multiple lightening levels. Such a lightening mechanism includes: halogen bulbs to use halogen gas to enlighten the lights. Xenon bulbs can be charged by using gas and electrodes. Few bulbs that use a heated filament to produce lights. Hence, each type of different level of energy, electricity, and some require more powerful sauces.

Top Picks:

  • Philips X-tremeVision
  • HELLA Standard
  • Sylvania Silverstar Ultra
  • GE Nighthawk
  • PIAA Xtreme White Hybrid

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