Parental Monitoring & Spy App for Android Cell Phone & Tablets

Parental Monitoring & Spy App for Android Cell Phone & Tablets
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The technologists have facilitated parents by providing them with parental control and monitoring apps. These apps enable parents to supervise the cell phone usage of their teens and tweens to protect them from the potential dangers of the digital technologies. While there are different monitoring and tracking apps rightly available, it can be challenging for beginners to opt for the most appropriate app. We have reviewed several parental control and monitoring apps to find out the best app to track android mobile phones and tablets. TheOneSpy is found to be the best tracker app for android devices. Read on to know about the features and other important details of the android monitoring app.

TheOneSpy – Best Android Parental Monitoring & Spy App

The parental control and monitoring apps enable parents to supervise the digital behavior of their kids. You can remotely monitor and manage their cell phone activities to ensure they are not involved in wrongdoings. The Spy app for android allows users to track and operate android smartphones and tablets of their concerned ones. You can keep track of all cell phone activities without taking the targeted device into possession.

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Once you install the app on the android mobile phone or tablet, you can take control of that device via online portal of TheOneSpy. Sign into the online portal and use the control panel to monitor monitored phone data and send commands to the targeted device. You do not need to know the passcode to unlock the smartphone of your kid because you can conveniently sneak into the phone with the help of tracker app.

Core Features of Android Monitoring & Tracking App

The android tracking app offers a wide range of features enabling users to remotely monitor and control android mobile phones and tablets. We have rounded up here the core features of the app to give you an understanding of the tracker app.

Track Messages

You can read incoming and outgoing messages of your children right from the online portal of the android tracker app. These messages include text messages, instant messages and multimedia messages containing text, photos, videos and audios. Also, you can see contact information of message senders and receivers.

Call Recorder

The android tracker app automatically records all phone calls received and made by your teenagers. It also syncs call logs to provide detail of every phone call. The parental control app also lets you block call from unwanted numbers.

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Track Social Media Apps

The high-tech parental monitoring and tracking app lets you spy on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Tinder, Tumblr, Telegram, WhatsApp, Line, Hike, Hangout, Kik, IMO and many other social messengers. You can track messages, photos, videos, voice recordings, audio calls and video calls made and received by your kids via these social and instant messengers.

Track GPS Location

You can track GPS location of your loved ones and see their current locations right from the online control panel of TheOneSpy. The location tracker app also provides detail of every tour made by your kids.

Monitor Media Files

The android parental control app creates online backup of photos, videos and audios stored on the monitored phone and tablets.

Track Internet History

The spy app lets you monitor the internet usage of your kids by providing you with the internet browsing history of their monitored android devices.


The cell phone tracker app records all keystrokes applied to the on-screen keyboard of the monitored android phone and tablet. These keystrokes also include passwords, usernames and email addresses which can be accesses via online portal.

Screen Recorder

The spy app lets you send remote command via online control panel to start screen recording on the monitored device. The app also lets you take screenshots to capture cell phone activities.

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Compatibility & Pricing

The android monitoring app of TheOneSpy is compatible with Samsung, LG, Haier, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Huawei and many other popular android phone brands. The supported android OS versions include Android OS 5 and above.

The tracker app can be subscribed for a month, quarter or year. The price of the software depends on subscription period and selected package plan. The one-month subscription of android lite package costs around $18 and the Premium package can be subscribed for $50 a month. You can check out the latest price details of android monitoring and tracking app.

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