Top 5 Reasons To Replace Your Short Block Engine

Top 5 Reasons To Replace Your Short Block Engine
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Replacing your vehicle’s engine is never an easy decision, but if you’re considering it, then it has a good chance of being the right one. Whether you are replacing a stock engine with a short block or putting in a new short block on a vehicle you have already customized, there are a lot of reasons to run with a replacement instead of an engine rebuild.

1. You Get a Fresh Start

You often repair an exhaust until it’s clearly worn enough it will need constant attention, and engines tend to be treated the same way. When you have one rebuilt, you are still using the original components that have seen that wear in most cases, they are just reconditioned in a machine shop. Some components may be fabricated or replaced, but mostly it’s the same engine. By contrast, ordering a short block engine from a known manufacturer gives you the ability to start over from scratch, with an engine that still has a decade or more ahead of it.

2. It’s a Chance To Add More Power

Rebuilding an engine gives you basically the same engine, which is fine for many commuter vehicles, but not the most efficient choice for those working on performance. This is still true even when replacing a custom short block, because you have the chance to check out other options that fit your vehicle to see if you can gain some power.

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3. It Can Be Less Expensive

The labor cost on an engine rebuild is high, especially if parts need to be re-machined or fabricated to replace worn components. You also have to let the shop rebuilding the engine do all the work in most cases, unless you want to rebuild the engine yourself and send out individual parts to contracted machine shops. If you have a mind to, however, you can install your own short block, and even when you pay for installation it is typically simpler than a rebuild and that means it takes fewer labor hours.

4. You Have More Control

Replacing your engine does not always mean a short block, but when you opt for one over a long block, you have more room to customize things from the ground up, because you are left to put in key components needed to finish the engine.

5. You Get More Out of Your Other Performance Upgrades

A more powerful engine, or at least one that has the same power and operates in peak condition, will let you realize more gains from upgrades like your intake, exhaust, and premium EFI. That’s why it is a very common step for many track vehicles to take. Eventually, your stock engine gives you everything it can, even with the best upgrades to replaceable parts like spark plugs.

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Often, your EFI and other supporting systems could deliver more if the engine could do more, and an upgrade gets you to that place where it all comes together. Start looking at your options for compatible short block replacements by checking out a trusted Jeep Parts retailer and seeing which blocks will work for your Jeep.

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