The Highest Paid Technologies in It Field Currently

the highest paid technologies in IT field currently
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To be Honest anyone in IT Field is supposed to be Constantly learning all the new things that come up with time or at least being familiar with IDEA. So, the demand for people who know specific Technology Stack keeps on changing. Instagram Reseller Panel.

But then too according to me for upcoming times learning 2 technology related to this 2 field’s will be really appreciated:

1.) Artificial Intelligence :

Reason: This recent wave in computer science has changed the way anyone would look at the computer and its computation power. Making computers that work the same as a human is an ideal case and they overpower mankind is a singularity point as said by Tanmay Bakshi which still has a long time to go. And whatever we have achieved so far is just a small step towards our goal.

2.) Cyber Security:

Reason: Around 30,000 websites are hacked per day. And this is the number according to 2012 I guess You can never know the exact number though. With so many novice programmers developing the Applications without elementary knowledge also without testing and the tools available today that hackers are exposed to and the scale of programs they are creating like the Ransomware, etc. You can clearly see so much money flowing in this field.

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Also Tech that helps which is known as FINTECH i.e Helping financial institutions like Banks might be a great opportunity keeping in mind the need for online transactions that are growing.

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