Work From Home: 4 Sites to Find Online Data Entry Jobs from Home

Sites to Find Online Data Entry Jobs from Home
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Internet is a great source for those people who wanna make some decent amount of money right from their home. Yeah, you are hearing this right, but you need to have these THREE things in order to be one of such people i.e PASSION, FREE TIME and SKILL(s).

If you have these three belongs to you then you can earn money on internet right away. And for me, If you don’t have the third option while the first two, you are also in the race, but you will need some hard work before you start getting clients and getting paid. I think it’s worthless to share why I’m saying you’ll need some time as you all know you will need to get skilled in at least one field, then to get clients who need task, once you’ve skilled you can find and attract clients to do work for them.

Here in this article, we are limited to one of the famous and high-demanded type of job on internet. Sometimes, data entry is quite easy and doesn’t actually needs any skill, only need computer proficiency and some basic knowledge about data you’ve to enter just for correct entry.

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For Whom This Article is Helpful

This article is to help those people who want to make money from internet with the easiest way. It’s whether you’re mother and have some free time, student etc. Reading this article, a newbie would get knowledge of data entry (also called data input jobs) while those who already know about it, they will get few more platforms where they can find clients looking for data entry worker.

Why You Should Do Data Entry Jobs?

I have my personal thinking about why someone should do data input work. It’s because most of such task didn’t makes huge money as compared to other jobs. These are:

1.. Because they haven’t any other skill but have enough time and basic computer knowledge.

2..Those who wanna invest to get skilled in any other field (sign of BRAVE MAN) and then start that work etc.

What Are Data Entry Jobs?

For those who are quite new and landed on this page to collect some information about data entry work then we wouldn’t disappoint them. This name has its answer inside but if we talk more in more details, it has some (not so different) types, which can be found on platforms we’ll be sharing in next portion of this article. Since this type of work is mainly ordered by individuals, that’s why someone may need a data inputting from one file (suppose pdf or image) to an excel/word document with arrangements and correction while other may need you to input specific data from a website or list of websites. Another type of data entry I have seen may also need to research find appropriate data on internet and keep entering in other document.

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4 Platforms to Do Online Data Entry Jobs At Home

Now, let’s take a look at the best sites which you can make use of in order to find some data entry work to perform at your free time and earn a few bucks from each project you complete.

People Per Hour

Let start with my favorite freelance platform called PPH. You can easily find data entry jobs here posted by individuals on daily basis. Send them proposals with the price you’ll charge for completion of that project.


This is yet another great platform where people post jobs and freelancers are getting in touch with them by sending them proposals. Using this platform is a bit complicated for newbies, to rank well and make the buyers trust you, you will need to pass a test, the higher marks you obtain in that test the higher chances you’ve to get that job awarded.


Fiverr is yet another different type of marketplace where you will have to create a gig about your services and people will have to order that if it is according to their needs. The services starting from 5 dollars.


This is yet another great platform for both buyers and sellers. But since we are about to sellers, we will use it for selling point of view. You will need to create a seller profile, and find jobs to send proposals with impressive words to impress clients from your services in order to get it awarded.

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So, these were just a few sites where you can get data entry jobs at your home in order to make some money at your spare time.

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