Fake Id is now a real thing for teens

Fake Id is now a real thing for teens
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Fake ID- Is getting it the right option? Many teens ask this question despite knowing the answer. And the answer depends on how real is your fake ID. Of course, your life at risk while using them but not when you have real looking IDs. However, soon kids reach teenage they assume themselves as an adult and want to enjoy life as their parents do. As a result, they believe these fake options. Moreover, their surrounding forces those to do so as their friends are involving in the same.

The college environment and urge to fulfill their alcohol thirst forces them to do so. This is the time when you are in your teens and your energy is on the 9th cloud. You are curious to explore new things just like others. And restrictions cannot put yours in boundaries and not even the drinking age.

Legal age for drinking

Since the legal drinking age is set to 21, therefore, no bars and clubs allow teens. This is prohibited as per the law to avoid the carousing of young adults.

Still, there is a thing to wonder as these teens are getting alcohol even after being underage. How?

Fake IDs are the real thing behind it

They can get alcohol in one legal way-when they become 21 or above. However, there are two illegal ways to get it. First, get a fake id from someone who is master of making it looks real. Second, use someone else’s ID and enters the bar where you have little contact with the bartender. Either way, you choose there is no guarantee that bartenders or bouncers will not notice it.

Moreover, most of the teens rely on the first illegal way that is fake id. Why? The answer is simple because such ways are available in the state. There are ample of manufacturers who are making fake ID just for making money. They are so much excelled in their job that they make them look real.

Fake is real until the security guard or bouncers at bars are unable to recognize the fake proofs. To your surprise, they are given training by the legal authority and police to spot the fake ID cards. The reason behind this is very obvious as you are not only the one who will get behind the bars. The owner of the bar will have to pay penalty and even their license can get canceled. Therefore, they use these security measures and they take it very seriously.

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Also, the statistics show that only 30 percent of teens are trying this way. This is due to the social outings culture in the colleges. Nightlife attracts teens that make him forget their limits.

So, the next query is how to get it?

Many would answer that they got it from a friend because nobody wants to get in trouble by disclosing the secrets. Getting curious to know the answer they land to any websites that result in screwing them. Hence it is very risky to get a fake id. On the other hand, if you are sure that you are trusting the right website then tries your luck.

Potential risks with fake id

Well, risks associated are not only with your money for making it but also with the charges made on you when you get arrested. So, consider them as well.

You can get a fake ID for buying alcohol however you should not get a fake passport. If you do so, then get ready to charge for a felony because it’s a crime. Additionally, this charge will stay with you forever and will add up in your criminal record. For fake address and fake credit card you can check prepostseo.com.

Keeping a fake ID for buying alcohol is what teens use. And teens have not stopped carousing. Every year there are more than 5000 American teens who buy alcohol. That means you are not doing wrong getting it. So, don’t wait much and get your own ID to enjoy the real nightlife of the state in your teens.

Steps to get your own fake ID

  • What’s your purpose? Ask yourself this before you order it. You can get it for attending concerts, buying beer, and smoking in clubs, spirits, and more. Is this your purpose than set a budget? Yes, budget matters as some may charge higher while others take fewer fees. Well, the fees depend upon the quality and authenticity of cards.
  • Decide the state for which you want it. Luckily, there is no thumb rule that your ID belongs to your residential state. The best practice is to have an ID of a nearby state. Also, getting an ID of state with a huge population like California, Texas, and New York works best.
  • Under or over 21 also matters. If you are about to celebrate your 21st birthday then drop the idea as the U21 ID card will get expired. So, choose depending upon your situation. Also, check the age restrictions in your state. It is because other states have legal age as 18-19 years old. The ID producer also checks the issuing dates and one that does it are reliable ones.
  • Never buy fake IDs from the fake providers. Here, at least you have to find the real ones because making them is not a piece of cake. You have to be cautious while choosing them. And the best way is to read their reviews. Their good reputation is proof that you will easily pass the security checks at the bar. Most of them accept payment through secure payment gateways. But don’t trust those accepting through western union. They are scams.
  • Although they will deliver it in safe packaging but ensure that you have a secure mailbox as well. Nobody expects you should get its access. I hope you know why I am saying it. Try that only receive the order. In case, you don’t get or the order gets late then be patient and contact the seller.
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Fake IDs Overview

All fake ID holders should know the features of a real ID card as it will let them check their fake card and analysis it. Once you get the order, check those features of the card and match them. However, this is the first thing that you should do before placing the order at the providers. Check whether they know the security features and make them look original or not. But recheck at your side is also important.

Real features of fake ID cards

  • Barcodes– these encode all the information of the cardholder. Check for barcodes in your fake ID.
  • Photo/picture-photos are must on your card as the bartenders will first match your face with the photo. A card with no picture is a real indication of its fakeness. Also, there are criteria for a good photo on the card. The provider will usually ask for a photo of you and crop it. So, capture a photo as per the guidelines.
  • Hologram-this an essential feature that reconstructs the holographic image. However, some holographic features are impossible to replicate. So, check for a hologram as well.
  • Laser engraving-engraving of text on a card using laser technology is considered as a highly secure method. It ensures no manipulation, damage, forgery, and personalization to the card. Ensure that your fake card has laser engraved texts such as your DOB.
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If the fake ID card you are using has these vital features then cheer up as you have no chances of getting caught.

Is getting a fake ID is a right decision?

This time the answer is yes because now you know what the risks are and how you can save yourself from them. The key is to get the right provider. Heaps of ID providers are there on the internet. The above points and alerts will prevent your chances of getting caught at the clubs. It’s very embarrassing when someone stops you from enjoying your life. What’s worse is being stopped by the bouncers of the club. They may or may not treat you well.

Some are so rude that they kick you out. Well, don’t be afraid because they are not going to identify your secret. Be cautious while making it on your own. You can even get a trial by showing it to your friend or asking them to identify it. However, show it to somebody who is reliable and doesn’t share your secret and of course must possess a real card. Don’t show it to someone who doesn’t know about the card features.


You are young, adult, and deserve to lead a happy life even it meant to enjoy drinks at bars, isn’t it? Also, parties are not only for enjoying snacks and dancing with friends but also about drinks. Thus, with a fake ID card, be brave to enter the ubiquitous restaurants, bars, and clubs. Explore the gazillion places meant for youths. Now, you can go straight to the liquor stores with 21+ only signs and buy alcohol.

So, good luck to all the drinkers who are underage. But don’t fall for carousing and make it an addiction. Drink within a safe limit while avoiding alcohol poisoning. Find a reputed provider, place the order, and enjoy the nightlife of your state.

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