7 FaceTime tips to get the most out of video calls

7 FaceTime tips to get the most out of video calls
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Facetime has revolutionized communication amongst Apple users. The video calling app offers arguably one of the best mobile video calls. The app has gained prominence with celebrities both in pop and sports personalities fully embracing it.

Facetime, as the name suggests offers that one on one interface between two callers. This, therefore, presents a problem; the need to look not only presentable but good on Facetime. Here are some few ways to boost your image on Facetime.


You might have come across those Facetime calls that show your friend to look slightly different. Lighting plays a crucial role in the overall appearance of a person. Natural light, for instance, brings out your facial features and softens your appearance.

Natural light can easily be used especially when you are close to a window. By allowing the light to hit your face, it looks soften. However, if you elect to use artificial light, the positioning of the source of light should be considered. Having light behind you definitely, don’t soften your look. Overhead light, on the other hand, tends to cast shadows especially under the eyes giving you an older look.

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Camera Angle

Just as in lighting, the camera angle is vital. Certain angles bring out specific facial features. Remember when you are Facetiming, you want to flaunt your good facial features.

When you look directly at the camera, it gives an illusion of a fuller face. The key is always keeping the phone camera at eye level. If your mac displays an error that the FaceTime camera isn’t available, make sure to reconnect it and ensure that it is working well before you proceed.

The chin

The chin is particularly tricky to deal with. It’s normally advisable to tilt the screen of your iPhone downwards slightly. You also slightly tilt your chin 3/4 downwards while maintaining an eye-level with the camera.

What also becomes a big challenge is looking at your own face in the small frame. When you do this, you lose the eye contact between you and your caller. It is often advisable to look straight into the camera for good eye contact.

The hot look

You may want to have a sexier look while Face timing. In that case, lifting your iPhone slightly higher often works.


Facetime is definitely not a conferencing option. While conferencing would demand a formal set up, casual conversations are less demanding. This doesn’t however, rob casual facetime video chats the need to have a perfect background. This can only be possible when you are the caller.

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Maintain a distance

You can achieve this by stretching your arms and holding your camera at a distance of roughly 15 inches. Being too close makes your image look bigger than usual.


Facetiming like any activity can be perfected. What works for you may not work for another. You can improve how you look on facetime by constantly trying new angles, lighting, and backgrounds.

There is no doubt that video calls are here to stay. Probably will become the primary means of communication. There is a possibility of facetime being used in official communication. It, therefore, follows that you need to know the simple tricks to improve your image.

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