Expert Advice: How to Choose the Dedicated Server?

Expert Advice: How to Choose the Dedicated Server?
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Dedicated servers play a pivotal role in modern business by delivering companies with robust and dependable computing resources. This is indispensable for the effective functioning and development of enterprises in current cyber age.

Choosing the right dedicated server hosting is an important aspect in ensuring a company’s successful online visibility. This decision is critical for several reasons that directly affect the protection, effectiveness, and versatility of web platforms.

In summary, the correct pick of a dedicated server is a fundamental element for establishing a successful and stable cyber representation for a company. It ensures the necessary productivity, safety, and agility for business growth in the dynamic digital environment.

Assessment of your business needs for a dedicated server

Gauging the necessities of your business for a dedicated server is a decisive step that will help you select the optimal solution to ensure the stability, execution, and security. In this regard, before selecting a dedicated server, several nuances should be appraised:

  • Software Features. Evaluate the range of available operating systems and determine the one that fully meets the needs of your business. If your company regularly deals with large volumes of data, it is important to specify the technical requirements dictated by the database management system (DBMS) supported by the server.
  • Server Functionality Requirements. Preemptively appraise the current and anticipated volume of traffic. Pay special attention to peak load moments to accurately understand the nature of the resources your project will require. Evaluate the business’s technical specifications for the server, including its processor power, data retention capacity, and RAM.
  • Server Security and Data Type. Identify the grade of confidentiality of the information processed within your business. Examine the data security and network connection specifications, as there is a high likelihood of needing to comply with specific regulations and standards.
  • Server Location. Specify the server’s location (the closest possible location to the audience to minimize project delays) and its bandwidth. Often, certain types of businesses may be influenced by the high-speed data exchange factor with users.
  • Quality and Level of Technical Support. Evaluate the quality and level of technical support, identify the required level of server management, and access to its settings.
  • Determine the Company’s Budget. Determine the company’s budget and choose suitable tariff plans. Compare the planned budget with the prices of dissimilar dedicated server plans. Additionally, assess the acceptable investment volume your company is willing to allocate to a characteristic dedicated server and determine the expected payback period for this service.
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Dedicated servers’ types (physical, virtual, cloud)

Depending on demands and financial plan, there are several types of dedicated servers, each with its own characteristics. Let’s consider the most popular and in-demand options: physical, virtual, and cloud dedicated servers.

Physical Dedicated Servers are traditionally fully allocated strictly to one client. This is physical equipment located in the supplier’s DC, sustaining high productivity and an ample amount of resources, while also providing users with unmitigated control over hardware and software resources.

Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS/VPS) are hypervisor-based server instances physically located on shared hardware. A distinctive feature of such solutions is their isolation from other virtual servers. At the same time, these servers have more democratic pricing (when compared to physical servers), scalability options, and rapid deployment.

Cloud Dedicated Servers represent one of the subcategories of virtual servers. In this case, the source of resources is the cloud architecture. The cost of using such servers varies depending on the volume of resources consumed by the client. Cloud server options are characterized by suppleness, scalability, and aptitude to pay strictly for the amount of resources used.

Dedicated servers: main technical parameters

In the process of selecting a specific type of dedicated server for your business, it is significant to take into account a variety of technical parameters and services to ensure the efficient operation and security of your online platform. Here is an overview of the most crucial aspects:

  • Level of Management and Control. Determine in advance the need for server management and the availability of corresponding knowledge within your staff. Managed servers are suitable for entrepreneurs requiring comprehensive assistance and upkeep. On the flip side, unmanaged solutions are recommended for managers with sufficient experience in server administration and configuration. Additionally, identify the permission status relevant to your business project (limited or full).
  • Security. Double-check the security of the data center where your server is hosted. The protection systems against the increasingly prevalent DDoS attacks is equally important.
  • Server Location. When picking the server’s geopositioning, it is essential to consider the location of the majority of target audience (ensuring increased user accessibility and expedited loading speeds). The server’s location should comply with the regulatory and legal specifications of your industry.
  • Quality of Technical Support. Evaluate the possibility of obtaining qualified and prompt assistance in overcoming technical obstacles with server operation or configuration.
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Renting dedicated servers with AlexHost support

AlexHost is a service supplier with exclusive data center ownership located in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova). The extensive range of services of this supplier includes dedicated server hosting. Despite the proximity to Ukraine, a country currently experiencing active combat operations, the operations of the specified data center are organized with precision and professionalism. The equipment operates steadily and seamlessly, and even periodic power outages or missile attacks cannot affect the functioning of the servers. Two independent substations connected to the data center ensure continuous electrical power supply. Consequently, AlexHost clients can have complete confidence in the quality and intrinsic nature of hosting offerings.

To summarize: the main points while making a choice of dedicated server

In conclusion, it is worth pointing out that the right pick of a dedicated server is a key element in the successful operation of your business’s online platform. Based on the considerations of technical parameters, level of management and security, server location, quality of technical support, and flexibility of pricing plans discussed above, you can establish an infrastructure that not only satisfies current demands but is also ready to scale effectively with the growth of your business.

Remember that each business is unique, and the approach to choosing a dedicated server should be individualized, taking into account the specifics of your industry, utilizer’s specifications, and development goals. Thoroughly researching the options offered by suppliers and a careful evaluation of each of the mentioned aspects will guide you toward an informed decision, ensuring the best conditions for the stable operation and prosperity of your venture in the modern virtual landscape.

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