Five Top Augmented Reality Apps For Education

Five Top Augmented Reality Apps For Education
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Although augmented reality is not a new concept, it has been around for some time.

Augmented reality apps have revolutionized the way that educational content is presented. This allows for better interaction between students and teachers. Let’s take an in-depth look at five of the best augmented reality education apps you can use.


1. Google Sky Map

This app enables you to learn about astronomy through augmented reality. Instead of reading about constellations and trying to find them in the sky with a book, you can use Google Sky Map on your smartphone to instantly identify constellations and stars using the camera.

To automatically identify constellations and stars, simply hold your smartphone in the direction of the sky. Google Sky Map automatically recognizes elements in your smartphone’s camera lens, regardless of where you point it. You can now identify if the wonders in the sky are a star, a sate

2. FETCH! Lunch Rush

FETCH! Lunch Rush was recently released by PBS KIDS. It is an app that uses augmented reality to teach elementary students math skills through visualization. The app is designed in 3-D and uses your smartphone’s camera to overlay real-world environments with graphics. The app then helps elementary students add and subtract using real-world scenarios that allow for visualization, while also solving math problems.

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3. JIgSpace

JIgSpace allows you to learn about various subjects through 3D models. You can learn about planets, locks, and batteries, as well as car parts, brains, and an atomic bomb model. JigSpace, unlike other AR apps for education, is more general and accessible to all. You can use interactive 3D models to place in AR and view step-by-step breakdowns for the products and ideas.

4. ZooBurst

This app uses augmented reality to assist elementary students in visual imaging. Students can interact with the app and become part of a story. ZooBurst lets you create storybooks with 3D characters and engage in digital storytelling.

You can customize the digital storybooks with thousands of images. Users can also add narrations, flash animations and speech balloons. Students can join the story through a webcam once the book has been completed. To learn more about the characters, they can click on them.

5. Arloon Plants

This app will teach you everything about plants. Learn about the parts of plants, their life cycles, and various species. Virtual seeds can be planted and watched grow each day. Then you will learn about how plants adapt to their environment. AR allows you to display fruits and plants on your desk. However, it’s not just virtual. You can take photos of real plants, compare them to the virtual ones, and then create a field notebook.

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These are just a few examples of the new augmented reality apps for education that can transform the learning experience in your classroom. Augmented reality is a growing trend worth watching as new technologies and apps are created to make learning exciting, fun, and innovative. It also saves you a lot of time! Here’s another way to make your life easier if you’re a student: just ask someone to do your papers for you! For example, seek professional academic help at StudyCrumb. A team of writers can complete your paperwork quickly and for a good price. Students can save time as well as money with the assistance of these writers!

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