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The journey of Advertisement was started on 1st July, 1941. It was the time when first ever TV Commercial was broadcasted in a baseball match between Philadelphia Phillies and Brooklyn Dodgers. The Ad was made for ‘Bulova Watch Time’, featuring the logo only and the approximate worth of media selling for it was $4 to $9. Today if you want to buy media for such a peak time slot like sports game show or prime time news bulletin on an international TV channel, it will cost you around several million dollars.


So far from the journey of the advertisement, uncountable commercials have been made and broadcasted throughout the world via Newspaper, Radio Channels & TV Channels. As the change is inevitable, the world of media is also adopting this change and today a parallel media to electronic media for commercials have been introduced that is Social Media and the giant among them is Facebook having 2.38 billion active users per month in the first quarter of 2019. Surprisingly even any Newspaper, Radio Channel or TV Channel isn’t able to provide such a huge public reach that only a 15year old platform is able to. Moreover before Facebook no one had an idea of classified audience based upon their age, gender, ethnicity, interests etc.

First 3 years of the journey Facebook only served as a social networking website and most of the marketer believes that this was the best move taken by Mark Zuckerberg to capture the industry imposing an impact of a non-profit organization. People were enjoying the platform for free to connect their friends and family and sharing their personal information like Contact details, Institution, profession, interests etc. and this helped Facebook to classify their data for those willing to use the platform for marketing. Now, knowing the fact that our data isn’t secure we still need to be a part of it to connect the digital world.

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Trends of Paid Advertisement

Just because of Facebook another field of marketing, digital marketing has been introduced and daily marketers are contributing in. To get the maximum results against the paid advertising, they have inscribed few techniques that are now being practiced by the whole world.


  1. Segmentation of Audience on Facebook

Without the classified information of the audience it is impossible to create the segments of audience for effective reach. Let’s assume two brothers are Looking for custom dissertation help. Elder one is watching TV and the other one is using Facebook, they both just gone through an advertisement of some agency providing their desired services and they both were interested to know more, the elder guy will need to note the contact details to make a call which takes more efforts rather than the younger guy will just click the ad and all the necessary information will be on his fingers.

  1. Fitness of Good before Promotion

Whenever a brand launches a campaign the need of marketing budget automatically increases exponentially and the marketer starts thinking about the most creative ways to convey the message that it should have an emotional impact but covers all the essentials of rational. As no business strategy is assumed to be smarter without the business research same goes for marketing, no creative campaign is launched without the research. Most of the times marketer prefer to write a blog or tweet about their upcoming ideas to know the public interest and takes the decision based upon it. For example providing the dissertation help is the domain of a company and they want to know the response of their target audience for their new campaign before spending a huge budget on its upcoming video clip. They will prefer to have some tweet related to the topic from some of the profiles having huge fan following and the stats will help them out to figure out the results.

  1. Retargeting the Frequently Engaged Users

Facebook is the also providing the stats of each post that is how many of the users have watched a particular video for how long? For example The same company launched a video of 4 minutes long after the inclined results of the tweet, providing a comparison over cheap dissertation writing services in UK have a viewership of 1,00,000 Viewers and 30% of them watched it for more than 2 minutes. Now you can give those 30% of the viewers a call-to-action and greater the probability that they’d turn into you customers.

  1. Diversification of Facebook Ads

Facebook have recently diversified their ad types, now marketers and small business are using all these different types of advertisement according to their requirements.

  • Carousel Ads can serve multiple images, offers, USPs all in one shot increasing the CTAs.
  • Slideshow Ads means lightweight videos to consume less data and load faster, small businesses are more likely to use it for their promotional offers.
  • Collection Ads enables us to show multiple offers and products on the same page without asking the user to left their feed.
  • Canvas Ads converts your mobile Facebook ads of a single picture or video to a full screen to empower the scrolling experience.
  • Link Ads have a prominent CTA button which is customizable according to the nature of advertisement. These ads are encouraging the audience towards actions more than the conversation.
  • Lead Ads includes a direct lead capturing form, users sharing their contact details are always interested to hear about the products and they can be a potential customer as well.
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These are some of the latest trends in paid advertisement on Facebook and day by day thing are changing, results are modifying, today the marketer believes that it is most important to compete the new trends to survive the cut throat competition of brands. Some of the successful marketer narrates it isn’t enough to adopt the latest trends of marketing or whatever your competitors are doing, but to analyze your target market, target audience, selecting the right marketing approach with proper knowledge of the demography is also the need of the era.

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