No Business Can Afford to Ignore These Digital Marketing Channels in 2020

Digital Marketing
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Digital marketing is the future of marketing. People don’t like to be approached physically. Moreover, traditional marketing feels very direct and aggressive to millennials; that’s why this doesn’t work anymore. People are very reluctant of advertisements. Digital marketing uses various tactics that discretely introduce a business, product, or service and slowly makes the mind of a prospect. It has become crucial to use online marketing and utilize its most effective channels of 2020 to survive in this year’s competitive market. 

Email Marketing

Although it’s believed that email marketing is dead, it still offers the best return on investment compared to any other digital marketing channel. Yes, most emails are ignored, but its campaigns are a lot cheaper than other SEO or social media. If you are using the expertise of a professional content marketer, he can help you get maximum responses on each email campaign. 

There are a lot of filters on the job of cleaning spam and or aggressive marketing messages. However, marketing emails are not illegal. You have to comply with a few regulations and use proper channels for running these campaigns. If you properly nurture leads, this channel could prove most useful for you. 

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Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Billions of people search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They search queries on these platforms and get results that are most relevant. They visit the website that they feel could have the answer or solution to what they are looking for. That’s why a lot of businesses make websites and try to rank them for relevant queries. They attract visitors and try to convert them into leads and then customers. 

This means you have a competition to beat no matter what keywords you try to rank for. Only the best SEO companies can help you beat those competitors and get those internet users to visit your result. You can also use search engine marketing to get the position on top without any other effort. The use of search engines is only increasing with time, and it would be foolish not to use SEO and SEM in 2020.

Guest Posting

Writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website as a guest contributor is called guest posting or guest blogging. It’s a great digital marketing tactic that has multiple benefits to offer without any downsides. It gets backlinks for your website that are natural and safe. Guest posting is a white hat SEO tactic and provides quality backlinks that increase domain authority and help to rank in search engine result pages. 

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Furthermore, guest posting is a great way to spread brand awareness and increase website traffic. Each guest post brings traffic on your website through the link used in it. These posts are focused on providing value to the reader, so it doesn’t feel like advertising while also creating an expert image of the author. 

Video Marketing

The trend of video marketing is rapidly increasing as the attention span of internet users is decreasing. They are looking for a reason to leave the page as soon as they visit it, and they find it too much effort to read an article. Today, our attention span is even shorter than the span of a goldfish. Videos provide quick and only relevant information with graphics. The mix of audio and visual makes it easy to digest more information in a shorter time. 

However, no one likes long videos unless it’s an educational lecture. People prefer short videos of no more than five minutes. Even the videos that take too much time to get to the point or start sharing personal opinions don’t get many views or leads.

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