Check out these issues before you buy your new iPhone x

Check out these issues before you buy your new iPhone x
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A. No headphone jack.

Yes, I know it includes headphones that plug directly into the charging port and a dongle, but what happens when I want to charge my phone at the same time? Spend 20 bucks for a separate adapter? What happens if I forget to bring the adapter or worse, lose it? Am I stuck with no headphones? I’m already starting to regret that $1000…

P.S. The Note 8 was able to fit in a headphone jack ALONG with a built-in stylus. Don’t give me that “Apple didn’t have enough room” bullshit. Instagram Panel

B. iPhone X does NOT include a fast charge cable.

 To add more insult to injury, the $1000 iPhone X does NOT include a fast charge cable (have to buy separately) OR a standard charging port (time to spend even MORE money for these cables!) I mean, most $300 phones come with this stuff, and you’re telling me Apple can’t, even though you’re paying 3x the amount?

C. The ugly-ass notch. I mean, what is this?

It’s like apple is WANTS you to avoid this phone. The notch is obstructive when you’re looking at it and is useless for any form of video playback. Honestly, I would rather prefer for them to just keep the whole bar there instead of having that horrible notch, or do what the galaxy s8 did

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Ahhhh, much better.

D. The horrible U.I.

Check out these issues before you buy your new iPhone x

Need I say more? Also, Apple still doesn’t seem to acknowledge that a “Close All” button for when you’re shutting down your apps is a thing.

E. It’s $1000

Alas! My rant is over. I’m sure there are still other bad things to talk about, but I feel like I’ve covered most of the issues.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the iPhone X is in no way a bad phone, it actually does lots of things quite nicely. With its high-resolution display, completed with an OLED screen and very well done camera, there are lots of things that were done very well.

In the end, I do however believe that the $1000 asking price is very steep and, frankly, not worth it.

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