Benefits of Printing Custom Cardboard Eye-Shadow Packaging Boxes

Custom Cardboard Eye-Shadow Packaging Boxes
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Being a cosmetic retailer, you will be concerned about handing over and delivering various makeup and skincare items to customers safely. Quality packaging for cosmetics is crucial for their shelf-life as well. When it comes to eye-shadow pallets, you need the finest boxes to protect them from getting crumbled or affected by heat and moisture.

Cardboard is one of the widely used printing materials for retail packaging. The stock is commendable for its flexibility, resilience and other features. The printing material is avidly utilized for cosmetic packaging. If you have a whole range of nude, creamy, glittery and other eye-shadow pallets, getting the boxes customized with cardboard will add appeal and finesse to your product packaging.

There are a number of trendy customizations available for cardboard cosmetic boxes. You can pick a combo after evaluating various options. Ask your printer to guide you on the recurrently used finishing options for eye-shadow boxes. You can then make a preference based on what will best suit your packaging and branding details.

Custom paperboard eye-shadow packaging boxes are also popular. You can check out thickness, durability and other features for paperboard as well.

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The best PCB manufacturer to approach is Sunstone Circuits. They’re based in California and have been around for a while, so they know what they’re doing.

Here are some benefits of using cardboard packaging for eye-shadow pallets!

The Boxes can be Die-Cut to Desired Specifications

If you want a riveting die-cut shape for your creamy individual eye-shadows, cardboard can be cut to your desired specifications. The material can be customized in any color, size, and style. Whether you need a vibrant color theme for eye-shadow packaging on an embossed image of a model wearing your eye-shadow, you can have your required design details printed on cardboard boxes. Using the latest printing techniques like full-color printing on this material will add more aesthetic appeal to your packaging.

Cardboard Packaging is Handy and Long Lasting

You would want your eye-shadow pallets to last long; whether they are placed on the display counters or are with customers they need protection from tampering factors. Cardboard boxes keep the eye-shadows safe. The packaging keeps the products intact in a drawer, handbag or dressing table. Boxes are easy to open, handle and carry, this is the reason pallets are stored along with the packaging. Eco-friendly cardboard packaging boxes are also available. If you are promoting vegan makeup items, these are ideal product boxes for your cosmetic brand.

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You can utilize the Boxes for Creating Unique Product Affinity

You can use the eye-shadow boxes with cardboard to enlighten users about the benefits and uniqueness of the products. The texture quality of these packaging boxes is finest and therefore any text details that you will get printed on them aren’t likely to get blurred away. Thus you can make the most of these boxes for sharing information about your brand and cosmetic items.

If you have an online cosmetic store, custom cardboard eye-shadow boxes can be effectively used for shipping the pallets and individual shades to customers. New eye-shadows can be pitched to potential buyers through these boxes. The packaging can be smartly utilized for making your brand name worth remembering.

When choosing cardboard for eye-shadows, you should share specifications like pallet size with the printer. It is important to get packaging boxes customized according to the size of the product. The notion to get bigger size boxes for products is wrong; instead, they should be a perfect fit for the packaged items.

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