5 of the Best Wireless Security Cameras You Can Get in 2019

Best Wireless Security Cameras
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When it comes to security, everyone wants the best. While wired cameras may be efficient, they will soon be a thing of the past. Wireless cameras are the up and coming innovation in the field of security. With the race to the first 5G network, everyone wants security cameras that they can access at all times. Here listed below are five wireless cameras that have the highest ratings this year.

1.      Arlo Pro

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This is one of the best wireless systems on the market and is best for indoor as well as outdoor security. Not only does it have night vision ranging up to 25 feet, it also has a 720 resolution. It can guarantee that no one can escape your camera’s eye. It has motion sensors that can detect the slightest motions and alert system that can give you necessary updates throughout the day. If you’re a smart home freak, then this is the best option for you. Although you might have to spend a few extra bucks, it is worth it.

2.      Canary All-in-One Indoor Security Camera

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If you are updating your house into a smart home, then this is the best indoor security camera for you. If you have kids in the house, then it can take away most of your worries. Not only is it small in size, but it also has numerous house security features. For example, temperature sensors that can assess if the temperature is unnecessarily hot, if someone left the fire burning or the water running.

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It can send you alerts on your phone and make sure that you’re in control even if you’re not at home. If you live in Chicago, click here to get information about security systems in Chicago.

3.      Ring Stick Up Cam

ring stick up cam

This is an outdoor wireless option you should consider if you’re looking for some additional security. It has a 1080 pixel resolution, which means that there’s hardly anything that an intruder can hide. It also has microphones that give you the ability to overhear what’s happening on the other end. If you don’t intend to pry, then this feature can be paused for the time being.

4.      D-Link HD Wi-Fi Security Camera

D-Link HD Wi-Fi Security Camera

It is similar to the ring stick up camera but has a higher viewing angle, which means it can cover a larger area. It also backs up the data on a cloud, so if someone tries to mess up the camera, the data you need is already in a safe place. Although you do need a subscription to access additional features, the prices are very affordable.

5.      Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon Cloud Cam

If you have the Amazon smart house system, Alexa, then this is a perfect choice. If you don’t, there will be a few features that you can access, but it will work impeccably. If you want to gain access to its perks and extra features, you’ll have to sign up for a cloud cam subscription that may cost you a few extra bucks.

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All the above-mentioned security cameras have their specific features for certain instances. Try to have comprehensive knowledge about the functionality before you make your decision. Have a wonderful day!

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