Best 3 ways to convert Audio free

Best 3 ways to convert Audio free
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Audio conversion has always been a much required task not only for working people but normal users as well because Audio and songs are heard by everyone and because of the difference of formats, some phones and Pcs are not compatible with the same Audio this is why it is necessary to convert audio formats to play it on your mobile device or personal computer.

There are many ways to convert your audio files free online or offline. An audio converter is a must-have if you transfer Audio to different platforms. There are many ways to convert Audio.

There are many desktop apps you can download to convert formats, use built-in windows software to change between audio formats or simply use a free online file converter. In this article, you will find useful converters and the required steps on how to convert audio formats easily.

Online Convert Free:

Online Convert free at is no doubt the best online file converter and tops this list. With the ease of converting hundreds of file formats, it brings you the comfort of converting files of any format to a suitable format you desire in a matter of seconds. This file converter is free and easy to use. You simply have to upload the file to be converted. They will automatically detect the format and convert it according to your demand, and you can download your file in a suitable format for whatever viewer you are using, and you will notice the perfection of the conversion yourself.

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Online Convert free is an online audio converter; all you have to do is visit their website by clicking here. Upload your file by pressing Upload file, choose your file from the drop box. Select the audio format in which you want your file to be converted in the “Convert to” the drop-down menu and press Convert.

It will convert in a few seconds, and a download option will be available to download the desired format of Audio.


Zamzar is an acknowledged document converter, but it also supports the conversion of not only pdf to word but also the transformation of Audio, images and videos with speed and efficiency Zamzar only supports up to 50mb of file conversion, if your file exceeds 50mb then you have to pay for their services, and sometimes their servers are so bombarded that the conversion is very slow, other than that it is an easy to use online audio converter.

VLC Media Player:

Every computer has VLC media player installed, and it is a multipurpose video player as it has a converter built-in as well. It can be used to convert media files into different formats.
Open VLC media player, start converting by hovering over Media on the top left and click on Convert/Save and select the file to be converted by clicking on Add and start converting to your desired format. Choose the location to save your file and write its name and your all set.

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