Why you should avoid ad sense in YouTube

Why you should avoid ad sense in YouTube
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I don’t think many people advised you to stop Google ad sense on YouTube. Because AdSense is the main source of income for many youtube creators. In this post, I’m going to justify why I’m saying that you should stop using ad sense on YouTube.

Let’s start.

Reasons why you should avoid Google ad sense in YouTube

Bad User experience – Too many Ad Sense ads might bring some penny to you but it definitely stalks your youtube channel growth. Like – you are watching an important tutorial and every 5-7 minute you interrupt with video ads. Then what you will do? You will definitely go to other tutorials where fewer ads or no ads are showing. This means too many ads can lose you a potential subscriber. So how to avoid this, just stop using ad sense or use only one ad either at the beginning of the video or a few minutes before the ending of the video. I can assure having one ad will not harm your video user experience.

Low CPC and CPM – If your YouTube videos viewers are from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, United Arab Emirates then it’s ok. But when your video views are from Asia Pacific countries you will get very low CPC from google ad sense. Sometimes as low as $0.01/ click. This is the major drawback of google ad sense. That’s why I recommend everyone try to gather sponsorship or affiliate marketing instead of ad sense.

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Loss of a potential sale –let’s assume, A product which has an affiliate program from where, as an affiliate, you can earn up to $50/ sale. Now you create a YouTube video related to that product and start showing Google ad sense ads. Now when viewers view that product and show that product ad due to Google ad sense, then go through that ad and brought that product. Now think how much you will get for that sale. Nothing, Google will pay you for one ad click it may $.50-$3.

Now think if you promote that product as an affiliate instead of Google ad sense. You could earn $50 from one sale. Just assume how much money you are losing due to ad sense.

From my perspective, Affiliate program, sponsor ship, own products selling’s are way better than Google ad sense. Unless and until you are creating any videos that not related to any product, service or apps then use Google ad sense.

Hope this post clears why I told everyone to stop Ad Sense on YouTube. If I miss any key point then don’t forget to mention that in the comment section.

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