How to Take a Photo: Top Tips for Beginners

How to Take a Photo Top Tips for Beginners
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Do you love your new SLR camera, or always find yourself taking snapshots with your cell phone? Being a hobby photographer is fun, but you can easily move to the next level. So why not see what you can do with a little bit of strategy?

There are always photography contests to enter, and magazines looking for new photography. So what’s the secret if you want to take a photo that truly stands out from the rest?

There’s no guessing involved. Here are a few of the best-proven photographer tips to help you catch the eye of your audience.

Use a Viewfinder

When you’re taking a photo, it’s important to think of what’s in the “frame” of the picture. To help you set up your composition, it’s helpful to use a viewfinder. This is a rectangular square that you use to outline the edges of your photo before you actually take the picture.

You can DIY your own viewfinder from cereal box cardboard and a craft knife, or even use your fingers to create a window to look through. Once you know what you want to focus on, you can capture it through the lens of your camera.

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Use the Right Lenses

Remember to use a good macro lens if you’re trying to take detailed close-ups. You can’t capture the right amount of detail with other types of lenses.

And if you’re trying to zoom in on a distant object, experiment with telescopic lenses until you get the resolution you’re looking for. If you use your phone to take photos, always keep a set of snap-on lenses on hand so you can get the quality you want.

Edit Your Photos After You Take Them

If you don’t have time to set up the perfect shot, don’t worry. You can always edit your photos later. There’s software and online websites like BeFunky Photo Editor that can help you get the look you want.

Remember the Rule of Thirds

One tip that’s especially helpful is to think of your composition as divided into thirds from top to bottom and left to right. Then line up the outstanding elements in your composition along those lines.

Avoid the Center

If you’re wondering how to take pictures that don’t look amateurish, above all avoid putting the focal point of a photo right in the middle of your composition. Always position it slightly to the side, and remember to use the rule of thirds to guide you.

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Take a Photo of the Same Subject in Different Light Conditions

If you have time, take photos of the same things under different lighting conditions. This will help you see what light conditions work best for the composition you’ve chosen.

Crop Your Photos the Right Way

Beyond knowing how to shoot pictures, a good photographer knows how to crop their photos the right way. They can do this with their photo camera itself or by editing the photos later. Sometimes it’s better to get a close-up view instead of a more zoomed-out picture that shows too many distractions.

You’re on Your Way to Becoming an Expert

So there you have it- now you know how to take a photo that really catches the eye of your viewer. If you practice, you’ll be well on your way to taking amazing photos that you can frame and enter into photography compositions.

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