Abyssal Dungeon raid in Lost Ark Guide: Hall of the Twisted Warlord

Abyssal Dungeon raid in Lost Ark Guide
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The Phantom Palace Abyssal Dungeon in Ark: Survival of the Fittest is one of the most popular pieces of endgame content in the game, and it was first unveiled to much fanfare when the game was first released. There are no exceptions to the general pattern of progression that has been established when it comes to the beginning of the Hall of the Twisted Warlord.

There is a great deal of action and suspense in this section, which begins with the party being forced to run forward through a hall of constantly changing scenery, with buildings appearing out of nowhere and landscapes shifting in the blink of an eye. Part I of this section is divided into two sections. Section II is divided into two sections. Both sections of Section II are numbered 1 and 2. Section II is divided into two sections, numbered 1 and 2. Section II is divided into two sections, which are designated by the numbers 1 and 2.

They are simply referred to as Mechanic’s Wipes, and they can only be found in a few specific locations. At this point, there’s nothing more or less to say about it.

Before this mechanic is activated, a short period of time (or an absurd amount of damage to the environment) will elapse between the events, at which point it will be activated. The Bishop must move to a randomly selected spot on the edge of the arena and begin gathering energy for an attack, effectively stopping all movement in the arena, and the Rook must also move to a randomly selected spot on the edge of the arena and charge a lethal projectile orb into the air, in order to begin playing, as illustrated below.

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To avoid being hit by the Rook’s projectile (which moves in a straight line), it is necessary for the player who does not have a purple circle to move to a location where the Bishop will be struck first, before any other member of his or her team. In order to win the game, they must eventually place their Bishop between themselves and their opponent’s Rook. In the event that the Rook’s actions are correct, the Orb will be shot and strike the Bishop, causing everyone to become dazed and disoriented at the same time, interfering with the Bishop’s preparations for their party wiping attack at the same time. Unless the projectile hits or misses the Bishop, the party is eliminated on the same day that the projectile was launched. If the procedure is not followed correctly, they will launch an arena-wide attack that will completely wipe out the party and eliminate them if the procedure is not followed correctly.

Following our journey, we have arrived at the final confrontation with The Phantom Legion King, who also serves as the final boss of The Twisted Warlord’s Hall and the culmination of our final test. To defeat the Sigmund Boss in the Ancient Elveria dungeon, players had to communicate with one another and assign directions to one another; however, the wipe mechanic introduced in The Phantom Legion King takes things a step further by removing the need for communication.

If you intend to run your Abyssals on a weekly basis in order to earn that extra chunk of Gold or those potentially valuable Card Packs (which is one of many examples of time-gated content in Lost Ark), you should memorize the system used in this encounter. For this encounter, the system that players must memorize in order to be successful is the system that will be used in the next encounter. On the whole, this mechanic performs in the way that one would expect it to: This mechanic is activated when either the Phantom King’s health bar or the Phantom King’s maximum health bar reaches 16 percent or 6 percent of the Phantom King’s maximum health bar, respectively, to bring it to the center of the stage. The moment it starts to focus its energies, it will summon four Illusion Swords to aid Lost Ark gold online in its endeavors. It will be protected by a purple barrier that will appear around it as soon as the energy channeling process begins. Following their capture, each of these Illusion Swords will pursue and defeat the player until they are defeated by the player themselves.

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In order to begin the fight, the party determines who will be the first, second, third, and fourth fighters to enter the fray (in the majority of cases, the party order will assign these positions to the appropriate people). It is decided by the party who will be the first, second, third, and fourth combatants to enter the fray before the fight begins.

Additional precautions should be taken by players, who should expect to be directed to stand in the cardinal direction that corresponds to their order number (NESW = 1234), as depicted in the image above and Ultimate endgame guide for the Glaivier.

A standard Stagger Check is performed during the battle against the Phantom Legion King, and the damage dealt by the Illusion Swords is significantly less severe than the damage dealt by the Illusion Swords in the previous battle. Whenever the Phantom King draws a red line around itself and stabs its sword into the ground with its sword, the players are alerted that a Stagger Check is about to occur, which serves to warn them that a Stagger Check is about to occur.

In the blink of an eye, the Phantom King conjures up a pair of massive cones of constantly exploding cracks in the ground, which deal heavy, constant damage to anyone who happens to be standing directly in the center of these concentric rings of explosions, which are activated by the Phantom King’s sword. Upon reaching the other side of the map, they will continue their journey. They will spawn either north or south of the Phantom King, or east or west of the Phantom King, depending on where they spawned at the start of the game. As indicated by the yellow Stagger Check Bar that appears beneath the Phantom King’s feet during this time period, the Phantom King should be stunned during this time period. At some point during this time period, it is expected that both the Phantom King and the Phantom Queen will be caught completely off guard. They will need to use Stagger Skills to drain the Phantom Legion King as soon as they are able to put an end to this maneuver and expose him to a sustained chain of damage as soon as possible.

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