8 Key Questions to Ask When Designing a Website

8 Key Questions to Ask When Designing a Website
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So you are ready to build your new website. But where do you start, and what questions should you be asking?

The website’s design is a crucial part of converting readers and customers to come back. The design has a 75% influence on a website’s credibility. It is the first thing people notice when they visit your site, and it is how they make a quick decision on whether to continue looking around or not.

It may seem challenging and overwhelming, but this guide will show you which questions to ask when designing a website.

1. What Goals Do You Want Your Website to Achieve?

Are you trying to sell something or inform your readers on a subject in which you specialize? What valuable information do you want your visitors to gain from your website?

It is best to figure out the sole purpose of your website and why people should choose yours over competitors. What can you offer on your website that is different from others?

Deciding what goals you want your website to accomplish will help lay the groundwork for the website design. Decide what the primary purpose or focus is and use that as your starting point.

2. What Is Your Brand?

Knowing your brand will help you or a web design agency when creating your website. You should know the color palette, logo, fonts, and the overall feel and mood of your brand.

Sunlight Media LLC can help design a responsive website for you and help design a logo and other elements that will fit your brand vision. They offer web design tips and web design tools to create the perfect site for your business.

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3. Are the Layout and Branding Consistent Throughout Your Website?

A consistent brand design helps build trust between you and the customer. You must use the same colors and fonts throughout the website. You would not want one page of your website to be modern and professional and another page to appear bright and whimsical.

Also, make sure to pay attention to the small details: use the same rounded corners or boxes. If a tiny design element is different, it will be noticeable.

Consistency is vital when developing and designing a website for your business. It helps people know what to expect from you and helps build those relationships with your ideal target audience.

4. What Problems Will You Solve for Your Audience?

The best place to address what problems you will solve for your customer is your “About Me” page. While it is essential to say a little about your company, make sure the sole focus is on solving problems for your audience.

How can you help them? What value will they receive from your website? The focus of your website should always be on your audience and how you can help them in some way. What will your readers gain from browsing your blog?

Once you have identified and written what problems you will solve for your customers, create content around that. Do not just say you will solve those problems and not solve them. Make this the central focus for your content so your customers will know what to expect from you.

5. Who Is Your Target Audience?

Determining who your ideal target audience is will help you understand which design will appeal to them more. For example, if your audience is corporate business professionals, you most likely would not use bright colors and bold graphic designs. You would probably want something more modern or professional looking to attract the right customers.

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Knowing your target audience will help you with the entirety of your web design. You should know who your audience is, what problems they struggle with, and the information they need.

6. How Do You Differ From Your Competitors?

Unless you have a brand new product that nobody has ever seen before, chances are there are other companies with similar products or services as yours. It is essential to distinguish your brand apart from your competitors.

Start thinking about how your website will benefit your audience in ways that competitors might not. Do you offer unique resources such as e-books or online courses? Do your products differ in a certain way?

Be sure to share testimonials or show how your customers are using your products. Involving your customers or audience will help your brand stand apart from others.

7. What Is Your Budget?

Now that you have a clear idea of what you want your brand to look like, it is crucial to decide your budget. Knowing your budget will help you decide between the needed elements and which elements are nice to have.

Contact Sunlight Media LLC for a fast and free quote today to see how you can get the best website design that fits within your budget.

8. How Will Your Audience Find Your Website?

After you or a web design company has created the perfect design, how will customers find it out of hundreds of other similar websites?

SEO, or search engine optimization, comes into play here. Keywords play a massive part in making sure your website can be easily found by those who are searching for it. Main keywords and secondary keywords help Google know what your website is about and helps it rank higher on the search pages.

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Once you have optimized your website with keywords so others can find you, it is essential to put a call to action, or CTA, on your website. An example of this includes something as simple as “click here” or “learn more.” A CTA helps the audience know what to do to view the products or valuable information or the best discount.

Any More Questions to Ask When Designing a Website?

What type of website do you need? Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important questions since you need to figure out which website platform you need before you begin.

Will it be a blog where people can find information about a particular niche? Or will you be selling products and need an e-commerce site?

This question falls in line with determining how you want your brand to look and feel. Before you begin your website design, you have to have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish.

Creating a Website Design That Will Keep Your Audience Returning

These eight questions to ask when designing a website will help you tremendously whether you are considering rebuilding your website or starting from scratch. It is helpful if you write down these answers before choosing any web design tools.

All of these questions you need to ask yourself will assist you immensely in trying to attract your ideal audience. With internet presence being so vital these days, creating the perfect design to represent your company should take the highest importance.

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