When to Hire a Professional Rug Cleaning Service

When to Hire a Professional Rug Cleaning Service
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When it comes to the rugs and carpets in your home, one thing is certain, the add beauty and appeal to the home. They are an addition to any beautiful living room or even dining room. They are the first thing that people notice when they come into the home. Unfortunately, they are also one of the first things that get dirty in that home because people walk all over them, bringing dirt and mud from outside and into the home.

Rugs are useful for your home as with them you are able to increase the aesthetic value of your home and also insulate it. It becomes necessary that you keep your rugs clean, else not only that your home will look bad, but it will also make it full of germs.

When it comes to rug and carpet cleaning there are many people who prefer that they clean the rugs themselves. They believe that by doing so they are taking better care than the professional carpet cleaning services. If you too believe in that or if you think that vacuuming the rug is enough to make them clean then take some time and think twice.

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Removal of Dust Mite

With time, as you use the carpet, dust builds over it. When you clean the rugs yourself, you remove the dust that is spread over the surface. However, do you get access to those dust mites that are deep buried in the carpet or rug? Mostly no! thus, after you clean the carpet yourself, you leave behind the germs where they were and make your family get access to those when they sit on the rug or when children plays over it. It is very important for the health of everyone in the home that dust mites are removed from the fabric of the carpets.

When you hire a professional cleaning service, you can make sure that they leave your rugs and carpets clean and hygienic. They just do not use vacuum machines for removing the surface dust but have powerful machines to kill the germs too. Their experts make sure that they keep the rugs at the best condition. In addition, many services use steam technology and special stain removal processes that are perfect for getting out the toughest stains. In a recent example, we spilled wine on a wool carpet and presented it to professional cleaners who were able to remove the stain, and made the carpet look fresh and new again!

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Removal of Pet Odor

If you have pet at your place, then it is common that they may use the rug for becoming light. You cannot ask them to leave the cozy rugs to your pet on winter days. Thus, then it becomes your duty to remove the odor and clean the rug. Now, the question lies that are the products available in the market good enough for pet odor removal? The pet in the home are loverly and we know that you love them, but what do you do when they have a small accident and you want to cleanup after them. This is especially true because pet urine leaves a distinct smell that can penetrate deep into the carpets and leave a smelly stain. Again, you could use some tools but professionals can cleanup the stains and make the carpet look like new again. This can’t be easily done with standard vacuuming or even shampooing of the carpets.

The result here is that if you take professional services you can be sure that all these problems will be removed and you can enjoy your rug along with your pet. But if you choose the DIY route then it is not guaranteed. What about products that promise to remove the stains? They can sometimes work but again you are taking a chance.


Taking care of Expensive Rugs

Oriental rugs or any other expensive rugs need to be cleaned properly and when proper care is not taken they may lose their luster. When you try to clean them you may damage them and make them look ordinary. In such case too hiring professional rug cleaning services is always advisable. They know different techniques for cleaning different types of rug and make sure that whatever is the quality of the rug, it is taken care of.

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