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Nothing is more comfortable than our homes. They are supposed to be the safest place where we can relax and feel protected from the hazards and dangers of outside. Unfortunately, some threats linger around us even in the homes that we are not even aware of.

You might have noticed things are going well, and suddenly you start to experience a headache, sudden breathing problems, digestive system issues, or all of them together. If you are not suffering such conditions right now, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not affected by it. Maybe it’s less of a threat at the moment, but you should be wary of these things that are silently affecting you and your children in the comfort of your own home.


Mold or also called mildew is a type of fungus that grows in places with moisture and dampness. This fungus can spread in the air with the help of spores. These can be very irritating to the respiratory systems and sometimes cause severe allergic reactions. Mold testing in Florida is a technique used to check if the mold is toxic or not. As there are a variety of fungi that cause no serious harm, but some of them produce poisonous gases that are a cause of concern.

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These molds can grow in any climate. Even in Florida, where the weather is warm and sometimes humid, they can thrive. Black mold and mildew are common types of molds found in every house. They are a representation of neglect or poor hygiene. Their spores can widespread in air and cause allergic reactions. If not taken care of, they can spread and grow, creating a high concentration of spores and a gas called mycotoxin that can cause rare and life-threatening health conditions like pulmonary hemorrhage or memory loss.

It can be easily killed with chlorine bleach, but it is not recommended biocide. It is better to hire a professional mold testing service to understand the severity of the problem fully. They will better assess the situation, monitor its growth and spread, and get rid of it, making sure it won’t return.


It is considered impossible to survive without air conditioners. Having to live without an air-conditioner means no cool air in the scorching summer and no warm home in winters. When an air conditioner is installed, we make sure to make the house as energy-efficient as possible. That means taking care of any leaks from the windows and doors. This sounds all good, but there is a silent culprit here.

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In a recent survey in Florida, there were a massive amount of people suffering from some breathing problems. Most of these problems arise due to a lack of intake of fresh air. When we seal off the house from leaks to make it more energy-efficient, we are cutting off the fresh supply of air. The air conditioner will not be able to pull fresh air from out; it just recycles the air in the room. With all this having a mold problem can further enhance its effect. The mold could be spread out with the help of air conditioners to the other parts of the house. Make sure to get a house mold testing and occasionally open windows to let fresh air in.


Bathrooms are the most health-hazardous place in the house. With a hot and humid environment, it promotes the growth of bacteria and molds. Having human waste, chemicals from cleaning products, it is a perfect environment for all the toxic organisms to thrive. Not taking care of the bathroom can cause a multitude of problems.

If not proper care is taken, the bacteria like E.Coli and different viruses grow on the surface of the sinks, flush, taps, and other articles that are touched while using the bathroom. Contamination can occur when sharing and using the same towels that can easily spread diseases through bacteria and fungus. The use of harsh chemicals, the use of air fresheners, and limiting fresh air in the bathroom can cause different breathing problems. Having contaminated water supply from the bathroom or using the water from the taps of the bathroom can transmit bacteria and viruses without you even knowing of them. These bacteria can cause diarrhea, cholera, hepatitis, and pulmonary problems.

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Having your house cleaned and tested from any mold infestations can prevent the majority of diseases. Hygiene is the key to having a clean and healthy life. Most of the things like molds go unnoticed to us, as we do not think of them as a threat. You can go online and search for “mold testing near me” to find the right services to have your house inspected. The added benefit of hiring a mold testing service is that they will find the places infested with the mold and make sure they fix the problem that was causing them to grow, which will ultimately help in fixing other issues with it.

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