Risks And Common Causes Of Water Damage

Risks And Common Causes Of Water Damage
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Water damages can get extensive if ignored, even for a little while. If you own a property, you must have faced a situation where ignored water damage got worse. A lot of property owners are proactive and make sure that insurance policy takes care of water damages. The repairs can get too expensive at times.

Be it a home or a business site, water damage restoration demands immediate attention and action. This post will get you through all the possible causes of the water damages. Some of them are in our control whereas others are not.

Whatever the cause may be, it is suggested to hire water damage repair and restoration services in Austin TX to minimize the risks.

Causes Of Water Damage At Home

1. Pipe Leaks And Bursts

Pipes are the culprit of water damage in homes more than often. The pipes are hidden in the walls or stay out of sight for most of the time so it is easy to skip the checking and maintenance. A minor leak can go unnoticed for days or even weeks. Such leaks ruin things silently and you might have to pay a lot more in such cases.

In freezing temperatures, the pipes and the fluids can freeze. The frozen pipes can burst and flood your home in no time. As soon as a leaking or broken pipe is observed, hire a professional to deal with the issue.


2. Clogged Toilets

Clogged toilets are one of the most frequently reported reasons for water damage. The clogged pipes can flood your home it goes unattended. The supply line can also be a reason. The toilet water leakage is riskier than clean water pipes. The toilet water can have contaminants!

3. Broken Appliances

There are various domestic appliances which make use of water. Washing machine and dryers are the two most common household appliances. The leaky valves or hoses can cause to moderate water damages.

Water dispensers and ice makers can also cause water damages when malfunctioning. Freezers rarely leak but it is not impossible. The possibility gets higher when the refrigerator loses power supply due to any reason.

4. Sewage Overflow

One of the most feared water damage is caused by sewage overflow. The water is highly contaminated and termed as black water. Sewage water is the most difficult to treat. Such water damages are accompanied by unpleasant smells and even unhygienic agents lurking in the air.

Bad air quality seriously affects the health of residents. The upholstery items contaminated with sewage water are often discarded instead of traditional cleaning. Professional home water damage repair services are direly needed.

5. Pump Failures

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Sump pumps are installed to manage water damages in homes. A leak or burst can fill your basement with water. It is extremely difficult to extract water and the foundation is at risk of water seepage.

6. Roof Leaks

A leaking roof can bring a copious amount of water in no time. It can ruin the interior and exterior paint. Broken skylights, damages to flashing and missing shingles can be few of the underlying reasons. A heavy rain, thunderstorm or melting snow can also cause roof leaks.

7. Clogged Gutters

Roof gutters are installed to carry away the rainwater. It is designed to protect the building from excess water. Accumulation of debris, twigs, and leaves can block the gutters. Overflow can ruin the walls and the landscaping of your house. The walkways, decks, and patios are all at risk.

8. Broken Insulation Of Doors/Windows

Caulking is installed to insulate the windows. When the caulking is compromised, it can lead to minor water damages. An open door or broken window can also be the reason for water entry in heavy rains.

9. Floods

Some of the areas are at risk of flooding for most of the year. Flood water can bring damages on a larger scale. The whole areas get affected. It is safe to hire a restoration water damage company to deal with such situations.

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Risks Involved

  • Infrastructure Damage

The whole building is at damage when the water has infiltrated the foundation or walls. Water damage wall repair is best left to the water mitigation professionals.

  • Wood Floors At Risk

If you have wood floors have your home, you must be aware of risks. When wood floors are installed, the professionals even check the indoor air moisture to avoid the risk of warping and buckling. Water can seriously damage the floors. Professionals are trained to take care of laminate flooring water damage too.

  • Mold Growth

The most obvious hazard associated with water damage is mold growth. It can appear days after you have resolved the issue. Hire certified professionals to avoid such situations. They can repair water damage wood and reshape your house for its curb appeal.

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