Video Marketing Success & 2022 Trends

Video Marketing Success & 2022 Trends
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We have all witnessed how far digital marketing has come in the last years and how good it is at building successful companies as small business owners.

Will digital marketing reach a point when it no longer has anything new to provide small business owners, and if so, what will happen then?

We believe that online marketing will continue to expand and provide efficient online marketing techniques for businesses of all sizes, and we are witnessing new trends that favor video marketing. Improvements in video marketing are changing fast, from Instagram and Facebook Live to Snapchat and Facebook’s new video maker app. On YouTube, you can boost results if you buy YouTube views.

To back up this claim, we’ve compiled some of the most recent video marketing data and split them down by area to demonstrate how powerful and significant digital marketing could be for your company.

By Volume, Video Advertising

1- On-site video material is viewed by 82 percent of Twitter users.

2- YouTube has a user base of over a billion people.

3- Every week, 45 percent of internet users view over an hour of online content.

4- Digital content is used by nearly 90% of web marketing firms.

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5-.Films account for one-third of all online activity.

Mobile Devices

1- Mobile devices are used to view more than half of all online digital material.

2- 92 percent of people who watch videos on their phones post them on social media.

3- Mobile devices account for 90% of Twitter video views.

4- Every day, 10,000,000 videos are seen on Snapchat.


1- Digital content, according to 51% of digital marketing specialists, provides the best return on investment.

2- Corporations that use internet video material see a 49 percent gain in revenue relative to non users.

3- Media material is preferred by 59 percent of web consumers above text.

4- Video content increases organic traffic from SERPs by 157 percent.

5- The most popular videos are those that are less than two minutes long.

6- Video content on web pages can boost conversions by more than 80%.

7–46% of online consumers take action after seeing an advertisement.

8- Monthly visitors to online film material are three times higher.

9- Using media in conjunction with full-page advertisements increases engagement by 22%.

Facebook views

There’ll be no surprises. In the last year, Facebook views have risen from 1 billion to 8 billion. With the advent of Facebook Live just a few months ago, Facebook has made a significant investment in video in recent years. We anticipate an even greater increase in the number of individuals posting, discussing, and accessing media.

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Facebook started live video, as previously said. Facebook Live has been used by brands and consumers to communicate with their followers. Twitter teamed with Livestream to allow users to integrate live broadcasts into tweets. On Twitter, 82 percent of users claim they watch videos on a routine basis. The live video opens up new possibilities.

Email video allows you to make your emails short while still conveying your point. Email is a fantastic technique to get your video next to potential viewers.

It’s also crucial to have video content on your website. Marketers are likely to develop ways to include video in their web design. When a video is already playing when a user visits a website, it encourages them to stay longer, lowering bounce rates and improving SEO.

Social media platforms have evolved into the most effective way of spreading videos and gaining visibility. Learn about the latest video marketing trends and make sure your organization is prepared for 2022.

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