Unlocking the Secrets to Selecting Memorable Domain Names

Domain Names
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You can plan on working tirelessly on many aspects of a website to make it more audience-friendly, but do you know what is the biggest thing you can do for your business presence? Selecting the right domain name!

Domain names are basically the web addresses that people use to get into your website. These are considered one of the first tools on the line that can help you with your brand’s presence.

It goes without saying that choosing the wrong domain name for your business will impact you in many ways, such as your audience will have a hard time finding your website, you will have a poor online presence, and the worst if someone notices the circumstances and takes advantage of it.

While it may seem scary when you are dealing with an abundance of domain names, here are some of the secrets that will help you select memorable domain names that will build your brand reputation online:

Keep It Distinct

If we are to talk about online presence, the first thing brands should consider are the domain names. As a business owner, you need to make sure that your website name does not match with the competitors. The benefit of a unique website is that your audience will not have any confusion. Additionally, a unique and memorable name will build up your online presence better.

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Have It Simple

Consider going with an easy domain name that is both easy to pronounce and simple to spell. The last thing you would want your audience to have a hard time remembering is a long, complex website. Speaking of which, you should strongly avoid any sort of hyphens or numbers on your website as they tend to seem more spammy.

Branding Over Keywords

Before you jump at us, hold on! It is understandable that keywords are beneficial for domain names. However, branding should always be preferred over keywords as they are superior to enhancing your online presence. When you have a brandable name, your website resonates with your target audience, which makes your business distinct in their eyes.

The Right Extension

Just like the domain names, you also need to be careful when choosing the domain extensions. You need to consider a domain extension that suits your industry and audience the most. As we all know, ‘.com’ is the most preferred option for many established business owners. However, if you have a global audience, you can go with country-specific extensions, too.

Additionally, you can test out and play with word twists, word combinations, and domain name modifiers to ensure your name is more distinct.

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Wrapping Up

As we mentioned earlier, a memorable domain name increases your online presence. It is the very first thing that your audience will be seeing. Therefore, you need to be cautious with domain names and select the option that is short, unique, and will resonate with your audience.

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