Social Media vs. SMS: Which One Is Better for Marketing?

Social Media vs. SMS: Which One Is Better for Marketing?
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Are you using all the communication channels to boost your business?

If not, please consider SMS marketing and social media marketing as two great means of reaching out to different audiences and building your brand identity. Both of these channels are easily accessible to everyone, whether they have iPhone or Android devices.

Here is a detailed comparison between the capabilities of these two techniques.

Advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing

Here are several pros and cons of social media marketing:

Social media marketing advantages

You may advertise on social media to various specialized and valuable clients. It’s the best way of lead generation and brand awareness.

When compared to traditional marketing, it is inexpensive and economical. However, when you include the necessary advertising expenditure, it is more expensive than SMS marketing.

You can enhance your conversion rate by split-testing your advertising and using advanced analytics. It also offers many content types, specially video marketing features, to keep your audience interested.

Automating your social media is also an effective way to grow your brand in a more hands-off approach. You can take advantage of a social media automation tool to expand your business on auto-pilot.

Social media marketing disadvantages

The effectiveness and ROI of your advertising may be affected by frequent changes to social media algorithms. This will be an additional expense if you are working with a specialist.

It also has fierce competition, affecting your advertisements’ cost per click. Another matter is that if you want to perform social media marketing yourself, there is a significant learning curve.

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Even while it is feasible, social media marketing is difficult to measure and improve. Finally, it converts poorly and generates returns on investment slowly.

Overall, social media platforms provide more diverse features for marketing. That’s exactly why many brands try to create or even buy accounts on social media platforms like Instagram.

Advantages and disadvantages of SMS marketing

Here are some pros and cons of SMS marketing:

Advantages of SMS marketing

SMS marketing allows you to communicate with a huge audience, as 96% of Americans own smartphones. Remember that up to 98% of SMS messages are opened and converted, which is quite high.

Compared to social media advertisements, SMS marketing is more economical, cost-effective, and simple to deploy.

Disadvantages of SMS marketing

Getting SMS leads to subscribe to your email list is challenging, which is the first drawback of SMS marketing.

Aso, you risk being blocked or reported when conducted poorly since it may be seen as a privacy violation.

Another important matter is that SMS marketing does not allow you to segment or categorize your audience.

You cannot expect to scale your business via SMS marketing, as its limited capabilities.

In fact, short text is the only content type allowed; extended text, photos, films, etc., are not permitted.

Finally, you cannot monitor your marketing’s effectiveness or determine what changes need to be made.

Which one is better for your business

These two marketing techniques are distinctive. While both SMS marketing and social media marketing may be used to increase conversions, there are certain situations in which each approach is more appropriate.

Social media marketing will be ideal if you want to increase both your online visibility and footprint.

Social media marketing also enables you to track client reactions utilizing CRM systems accurately. You gain deep information into your audience’s hobbies, community, employment position, and other factors that may be used for future marketing and retargeting.

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But SMS marketing is a terrific way to customize your marketing efforts and boost conversions if you are not focused on enhancing your internet presence or it is not currently a priority.

You may target certain clients with more individualized communications. This is achievable thanks to SMS marketing.

What you want to accomplish will primarily determine whether you text or use social media. This choice will determine the finest and most appropriate method to use.

First, it’s good to look at some stats:

  1. Less than 30% of tweets and 25% of Facebook posts are read, while more than 95% of SMSs are opened and read.
  2. More than 600 million tweets and around 5 billion Facebook posts are sent daily, while 22 billion SMSs are sent daily.

As you can see, there is an obvious difference between SMS and social media in terms of numbers.

When choosing between SMS marketing and social media marketing, you should also take into account the following:


Budgeting is made simple by both, especially with initial A/B testing, which will allow you to identify which ad set needs more money quickly.

Target audience

Social media marketing enables you to specifically target your market rather than simply running ads at random. This lowers expenses while achieving the intended outcomes.

Skilled team

Social media marketing becomes challenging without competent staff. SMS Marketing will be helpful in a circumstance when you lack a capable crew.


Social media marketing may be less successful the more fierce the competition. On the other hand, SMS marketing enables you to address your audience directly and provide customized messages.

You’ll be able to determine the best plan for your organization by keeping these things in mind.

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Why not think about email marketing if you’re looking for a third internet marketing tactic? For every $1 spent on email marketing, the ROI is $42. Email marketing services allow you to manage your email lists, scheduling, and campaigns.

Tips for using them together

While using SMS marketing or social media marketing alone will help your business, it won’t help as much as combining the two tactics. Understanding how to combine them is critical because each has distinctive qualities.

Here are some examples of how you can use both approaches.

Creating a database of customers

Building a solid client database is simpler with both tactics. For instance, you might start an SMS marketing campaign where you display advertisements encouraging potential clients to text to win rewards.

Both tactics are used in this campaign. By doing this, you’ll produce more leads and see a conversion.

Increasing your internet visibility

You may develop a powerful online presence and brand recognition with these approaches.

With SMS, you may influence people’s actions to like and follow your page and create a good perception of your business instead of running advertisements to do this.

Building awareness

By properly promoting your social media account, where potential buyers can learn more about your goods and services, SMS marketing helps you increase conversion rates.

Both techniques have a lot of capabilities since they can both fill in where the other falls short.

Final words

Social media is a much more advanced communication technology. While SMS has a greater audience reach, it can’t convey many messages. Also, it has the risk of being blocked, as many users find SMSs bothering and annoying. So despite its advantages, you must consider SMS marketing a short-term strategy and focus on a long-term one on social media platforms.

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