Trending Youtube Formats in 2021

Trending Youtube Formats
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With the sudden boost of all social media platforms, it is no surprise that Youtube is one of the leading sites for video sharing. The site’s growth has even helped turn it into a viable career option for many people. However, with all the sudden increase in content, it can make your video lost in the sea of unlimited content. However, this post shows you the Youtube trends that have caught on in the last few years, helping boost your channel and your videos.

Video marketing is considered one of the best marketing ways since it grabs the consumer’s attention fast compared to lengthy and wordy descriptions that people will just not read these days. It also evokes the viewer’s emotion and is more likely to take action than any other YouTube Video Format since they feel more attached to the brand or product.

This post will share a few Youtube trends that have caught on in 2020-21 and boost one’s views and subscribers.


Unboxing videos are seen as a really good idea for content creators as it is easy and quick. It allows the viewers to get immersed in the experience, and it helps make purchasing decisions easier. It is also a great way for brands to get out the word about their products.


Connected to the previous one, review videos are good for brands as well as the content creator. It gives the consumer an idea of what products to buy and which to steer clear from. Ryan of Ryan Toys reviews made a whopping $22 million just from his videos of reviewing toys alone.


Keeping up with the trend of shopping, immersive shopping seems to be all the rage recently. With influencers showing off hauls, gift guides, shop with me videos, etc. A study showed that 80% of consumers watch videos of the product they wish to buy before purchasing. Many videos such as ‘We let our Instagram Followers Choose our Clothes’ have become popular lately. The content creator gives the followers choices in the clothing store before they make a purchase.


How-to videos have been around since the start of Youtube. Therefore, it is no surprise that this format of videos does well. Google also shows you the exact demonstration of what you search for now, which significantly boosts the video’s engagement. This can also be regarded as educational content which is another form of content that is regarded highly.


Viewers nowadays want to engage with the creator, making follower decided content so widely popular. Fans will often decide what the content creator does to their hair, what outfit to wear, what to eat, what to get tattooed, etc. This makes for good engaging and attractive content.


This seems to be one of the more regarded formats of videos on the platform. Many channels seem to be following this trend. It also helps with brand deals. Skincare which is another big trend is emphasized in these videos.


This is a different style of video that has been started recently wherein the camera rotates 360 degrees. The viewer can turn the camera whichever way they please while the video is going on.


A look into the lives of celebrities is something a lot of content consumers love. It just shows a look into the lifestyle of a celebrity. It helps showcase their personality, and often, brands take advantage of this and promote their brands using their channels.


Something that has blown up within the last few years has to be ASMR videos. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is supposed to evoke feelings of satisfaction and is supposed to be soothing to the listeners. It is professionally produced and makes for good content, as you will only have to deliver certain sounds and visuals.


This type of content has made a big impact on viewers in recent years. People are getting more and more into sustainable living. With videos about tiny houses and DIYs and minimalism, sustainable living is all the rage right now.


Vlogs have been around since the inception of Youtube and make for good, attractive content. David Dobrik has started a whole new trend of videos where the vlogs are short, capturing the viewer’s attention more than any other video.


These types of videos have become more and more popular. Nowadays, content creators play more and more games that have become household names like Among Us. The videos became popular once the pandemic hit as it was the easiest form of content to make without violating quarantine rules.


The beauty community certainly benefits from these styles of videos. Most creators do one at the end of every month to show which products they have been using lately and which consumers should consider buying.


It is becoming more of a trend to do docuseries over Youtube. It showcases the creator’s abilities in that area of expertise. Shane Dawson went viral many times for his shocking Docuseries on other Youtubers and franchises. This is slowly becoming a staple for YouTubers to showcase their content.

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